I’m needing to get a lot out, all of which is totally random –
First mammogram is scheduled for next week. I know I can do it because I survived Ezra’s birth, but it’s had me freaked out. Having my boobs squashed to the flatness of pancakes has had me in major dread. Sorry to be blunt . . . I’ve tried to get out of it and delay it, but no can do. I’m stuck with it. Pray for me . . .
We went out for Hav’s birthday last night and had a fantastic time with family. Ryder has been mega difficult (again) lately, but he was almost pleasant the whole time. He only threw one screaming fit. We’ve totally enjoyed family this week. 🙂
Ryder is desperate to be out of diapers, but he just doesn’t get the peeing in the potty idea. He wants to wear underwear, but I can’t let him do it in public because he just pees. So we’re needing to be trained in how to potty train.
Ezra is putting on weight fabulously! And he’s finally without a cold – after almost a month! Thank the Lord. He now tries to follow me when I leave him in a room by himself. Takes him about 5 minutes to get out to the hallway, but he does it. 🙂 I love my Bug.
We have a mega busy month approaching . . . what’s new? I’m nervous, excited, in a mode of anticipation, and kind of overwhelmed. Again, what’s new? I have hope and peace, so I guess that’s what’s new.
Ryder starts his daycare/preschool on Tuesday. Again, I’m nervous for him. We got his backpack/suitcase, which he loves, so that will help. I’m just trusting and praying that my boy does well and isn’t a total case for his new teacher.
Lots more rolling around in me . . . just thankful for a good end to 2011. Fighting through distractions and circumstances that are keeping us down, fighting the good fight of faith, and most importantly, dwelling in the secret place of the Most High with high hopes for 2012. 🙂

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