Have to say that I have had my share of bad news and difficulties when it comes to setting up a Bible school in a foreign country, trying to move our family there, and attempting to get visas for 5 others. It’s been tough!! And I’ve been working on all of this for a year! Seems unreal, and if I were judging myself on how well it’s gone, I’d get a big fat F for failure. Not to mention that I’ve had to explain our situation a thousand times, answers a zillion immigration questions, and basically tell people who know nothing about setting up a school or immigrating anywhere what it’s like. Most people try to be very helpful, but it’s like a city person trying to tell a farmer how to farm. It doesn’t work, and so all I can say is that we’re doing our best. We’re learning as best as we can. And it’s hard. Simple as that. Hard. And if I dwelt there for long, I’d be real ugly.

So this week, after Mark called immigration for the second time and he got a less than helpful response, I just decided that enough was enough. I am getting my hope on, my joy going, my peace sealed, and good things are coming our way!! God will make a way. And He knows I’m tired. So I’m shutting my ears to anything that is not helpful. Mark and I have both been listening to Joyce Meyer and Todd White, which will pump anyone up and give a good reality check. I’ve had worship music on as much as possible, and I keep returning to the Word. Like a sick person feeding on veggies, vitamin packed chicken soup, and listening to scriptures on healing, I am plugging all the holes with anything on hope, joy, and peace. I’ve got a sign on my forehead that says, “If you can’t say something helpful or positive, then just move on!!” 🙂

And in the meantime, we’ve been purging our stuff (AGAIN!!! Man, can I just throw it all out the window instead?!), going to play at every indoor and outdoor park possible, going to see the lovely Grams as she’s still in rehab, running errands that we keep thinking will be last minute before we leave (and yet aren’t), and homeschooling. The British school system goes from the first of September through the end of July, and I don’t want to get behind when we finally make our move. So I’m trying to get some sort of schedule. And I’m trying to not panic about the fact that Ryder has already forgotten so much of kindergarten. It’s been a challenge as we have no set structure or space, so I’m really thankful to have a curriculum that teaches me and keeps us on track. We will be so thrilled to finally get settled into a schedule and our own space. My folks have been so great to let us live here 3 months now; so great. We’re just ready to get our place, as expected with three littles. And Mark has been learning code, html, java script, etc. to prepare him for a job change in the Spring. His current job will last a year or so, and it doesn’t provide the income we need to live in Edinburgh. So he’s already got a plan for what’s next. Thank the Lord that Mark is so good at planning and thinking ahead. I’m good at thinking of ideas and possible plans, but he’s really best at implementing ideas and plans. So you’d think we’d be crazy busy, and we are. We’re feeling it. We’re feeling the strain of temporary living and of constant waiting.

But really, we’re just feeling the need to press in and cling to Jesus our Rock. He’s got a plan. He’s got a way. He has good things ahead. So we’re clinging. We’re making His thoughts our thoughts. My thoughts left to themselves are no good, but His thoughts are perfect. So we’re pressing in to what He has to say about us and our future, and IT IS ALL GOOD. He is mind-blowingingly, amazingly, good!!

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