Just some random thoughts to get out . . .

First, I’m thankful for friends of like heart and like mind. I heard from an old friend yesterday, and her letter blessed me so much. So if she reads this today, I want her to know how nice it was to hear her story and to know that even miles away, we can still encourage and lift one another up. I’m thankful for a God who hears my heart cry as I was needing an encouraging word. 🙂

Second, my desire to simplify is getting stronger and stronger. The more I get rid of things in my life, the more I see to get rid of. Kind of funny. I’m really debating on whether to keep my facebook or not. Part of me says keep it to stay connected, and another part of me says just move on. So we’ll see.

Third, yesterday was a really long day. It’s getting harder to have toddlers at work and get work done, so by the time Ryde and I left work, he was a case. He hasn’t been eating due to his teeth, and his napping schedule has been off. I haven’t been feeling well, so by the time we got home, it was crash on the couch time for me. My nerves were shot, my stomach hurt, and I had zero energy. I really feel for single moms who have to work and take care of the kids and everything else. Thankfully, we were able to get Ryde into bed early which allowed for me to make a broccoli/mushroom pizza (very nice) while Mark went out and rented “UP”. Very cute movie! Mark then did the dishes after the movie so that I could go to bed. But before going to bed, I read some more on faith, and my goodness, did all the pieces fall into line – it was just what I needed. So in my next post, I will share some great points on faith . . . sorry, I can’t do it now. Not enough time . . . I will say this though, (remember it’s all about going back to the basics for me, so this will sound elementary) I’m realizing more and more that the more we put in, the better (or worse) off we are. Faith comes by hearing, but if I’m only hearing a little, then my faith will be very small. If I’m taking the Word in loads at a time, then I’ll be producing it loads at a time. Hence the reason for my desire to simplify. All the little amounts of this and that and the other, equal great big amounts of things and distractions that are not positive, uplifting, or spiritual. Do you know what I mean?! So that’s the general direction that I’m headed in for now . . .

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  1. Noooooooo! Don't get rid of your fb! I like knowing you're there. I like reading your updates. I like seeing your photos. And I know I'm not the only one!

    Can't tell you how often I've wondered and admired how single mothers make it!

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