Over the past week, we’ve hit our visa situation hard. If you’ve never moved abroad and dealt with immigration, then let me tell you it is no fun. No fun at all. It stretches you in every way possible, and it’s much of the cause of all my gray hair. So long story short, we’ve decided to get our house up for sale now, get ready for Mark to start job searching, and prepare to move. The ironic thing is that we need the house to sell to free up our finances to help pay for our move, and we need Mark to find a job before I can get a visa. So basically, we’re moving in faith as we don’t have the funding or the visa, but we’re in faith that we will. And I can’t even go into all the logistics of everything. But it’s necessary for us to be in the UK so that we can file the paperwork to get the rest of our team visas. So there is lots to be done in a very short time. And I’m just going to list all of our prayer needs with hope that you, as the reader, really will join with us in believing for God’s hand, His favor, His direction, and His provision. He’s on our side; He’s guiding us. So we’re walking forward as He leads and trusting that He will make the way straight for us.

Prayer items:
That we get this house ready (quickly) to sell and that it sells quickly for the RIGHT price.
That Mark finds a great job with great pay and hours in Edinburgh that will wait for us to arrive.
That we find living arrangements in Edinburgh; plus living arrangements for our team as we all prefer to live near one another.
That our children and dog will transition smoothly.
That our funding would come in.
That we would get so much favor from the British government as we submit a few rounds of applications.
That none of us would let all the logistics and all the obstacles overwhelm us.
That we would keep our eyes on Jesus and that we would keep the vision that He has given to us for Edinburgh ever before us.
That God would plant us in the right neighborhood, the right community, the right churches, and just exactly where He wants us in this new city. That we would make friends quickly!!
That we would be faithful to follow His leading and to trust Him with our whole hearts.
That He would comfort and encourage our family members that will be left behind as this is feeling very real for them now too.

Thank you and much love and appreciation to all who might read this.

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