Since I’m waiting again . . . I might as well be productive.

Needless to say, this has been a long week. Work has been super busy; I’m drowning in work that needs to be done. Home has been super busy; I’m drowning in household duties that need to be done. The puppy needs more training; Mark needs a break from the puppy. And our evenings have been filled up. So we pretty much meet ourselves coming and going. I think that’s how my Grams says it. If my Gramps were alive right now, he’d tell both Mark and me that we cannot burn the candle at both ends. We will burn out. And burn out is right. I pretty much fall asleep on the couch or in bed with my clothes on, contacts in, make-up on, and teeth dirty every night. Mark tells me over and over “Mic, get up and brush your teeth.” I do eventually. My sleep is filled with vibrant dreaming (I dream a lot anyway, so pregnancy has made it 10 times worse.) I wake up every time Zoya is breathing, snoring, or panting, which is always. She wakes up when I wake up. I roll over constantly as no sleeping position is comfortable, except being on my back, and pregnant women in the 2nd trimester should avoid sleeping on their backs. So my friends, it’s a bit cruddy. I get stressed with a messy house, stressed with work, stressed with always being on the go, tired with carrying this extra 10 pounds (when you don’t weigh much to start with, 10 pounds is a lot, especially when you’re out of shape), just tired in general. I know, I’m always tired. I was always tired before pregnancy, because the mid-wife did my bloodwork and said I was anemic. I’m tired now, because I don’t get enough rest or good sleep. So I’m tired.

But anyway, thank the Lord that I feel good and have had an easy pregnancy! Otherwise, I’d be even more of a moaner than I am now. I am working on not moaning . . .

Through it all though, I am learning quite a lot. I love learning, so in that aspect, I’m a happy camper. I’m reading some good, faith building books, reading some good fiction, learning about my body, about trusting the Lord more, enjoying my fiction reading, and basically am growing regardless of it all. So that is excellent. I am very happy about that. And I’m even happier that my waiting is done, and now the hubby and I can go look at some cribs. Maybe we’ll be setting up a crib this weekend . . . ?! That would be fun! 🙂 Not restful, but definitely fun.

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  1. Setting up a crib this week-end, maybe? Wow! You guys are ahead of things! I'm beginning to get quite stressed 'cause I haven't really done a thing to prepare for our little guy. Oh, my friend! I feel for you so much & I understand completely. I am normally so organized and tidy but from the start of this pregnancy I have fallen behind in everything and I don't like it one bit. The laundry and the picking up never ends and I just cannot seem to get on top of things ~ which is very against my nature. Anyway, I understand what you're going through and I will lift you up in prayer and, in doing so, believe for myself to be encouraged too. Boy, that sounds selfish, doesn't it?! Anyway, praying for you and sending you lots of love.

  2. I hope you guys have fun shopping for cribs. I should pass on the place where we got our crib for Alexis. There name is Bella Bambino. They are up in Fort Collins. We happened to be up there for a church conference early in my pregnancy and had lunch at a restaurant next to the shop. We were shocked how reasonable the crib prices were. The crib we got changes from a crib to a toddler bed and then to a full bed. We are hoping that it will last a good many years. Their website is We felt that the quality was much better than other cribs we had seen at other stores for similar prices. We bought the million dollar baby brand.
    p.s. I have spent lots of time researching all sorts of baby and kids products to figure out the best bang for the buck. If you have any questions, let me know. I would love to share anything I have learned with you.

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