Okay, back at . . . so where was I at? By the way, Ryde has had two choking incidents today. The second being very, very scary, so I’m still shaking and a bit scattered. I need a big chocolate chip cookie or something.

Anyway . . . to follow up my previous blog and end where I was going with that. I’m currently reading Can I Have and Do It All, Please? by Christine Caine and listening to the 2010 Colour Conference (10 cds). It’s funny because both are covering this topic of seasons, so I’ve been thinking on this a lot. And I would highly recommend anything by Christine Caine and the ladies of this year’s Colour Conference (C. Caine, Bobbie Houston, Priscilla Shirer, and Holly Wagner). Somewhere through all that I’m reading and listening to, a few thoughts have really stuck with me.

1.) When it comes to being whoever you are and wearing all the hats that you wear (so this applies to married and single women, moms and non-moms), you have to realize that there is a time for each one. You don’t try to juggle all the balls as no one can juggle them all well, but instead, you prayerfully consider which are most important right now. Priscilla Shirer compared it to having a bunch of boxes that are all symbols of your current “jobs or hats”. You pull to the front the boxes that are priority in this season, and you shove the rest to the back. You don’t empty them, but they’re just not priority right now. In the meanwhile, the others are your priorities. So the full ones are in front, the less full ones are in back. She is a mom of 3 young boys, and like most of us, she has a very busy schedule. Yet she’s realized that as a mom of toddlers, who take a lot of time, in this season, they are going to take a lot more time than they will in other seasons. So it’s okay to relax and not do such and such right now. It’s okay to let the laundry pile up in order to make room for your newborn or your teething baby or a new ministry or whatever God has called you to now. I’m trying to keep this short, so I hope that makes sense.

So the big question then is how do we know what God has called us to now? And thankfully, Christine Caine makes the answer very, very clear. Seek Him first. Focus on Him first. Again, that doesn’t mean you have to spend an hour in prayer on your face at 5:30am. But it does mean that you cut out the fluff if you have too much fluff that is taking time from you being on your knees and in prayer. We all say we don’t have time to read the Word or pray or whatever. However, we find time for TV, for Facebook, for coffee dates, for whatever floats our boat. So we really lie to ourselves when we say we don’t have time. We also make it very obvious what is priority and what is not. Therefore, I can easily say that the fluff for me is the internet. I rarely watch TV, so there’s nothing to give up. I read when everyone else is in bed as that’s my time, yet I give it up easily or trade in my sleep for it. However, I spend much more time on Facebook, the Drudge Report, reading blogs, etc. than I need to. So in shortening my internet (or even giving it up) I can make the time to be more serious about seeking Him. For in seeking Him, we find out what should be priority, what season we are in, and maybe even why we’re in that season.

The last thought that I’ve been pondering is this – for me personally, I’ve been in a desert season for a while now. It’s been a hard, plowing, sowing, trying to bloom in the midst of nothing season. And I’ve struggled as it’s been disappointing, exhausting, and at times disheartening as I’ve hoped to be so much further from here and in such a different place by now. Yet a few weeks ago, my loving Heavenly Father randomly and out of the blue showed me the purpose of this season and reminded me that it IS NOT WASTED TIME!! It is a time to really dig in and make the most of. And it will not last forever. However, what I do with this time will determine what happens in the next season. That is a lot to ponder.

So for those of you who read this, I hope this speaks to you in some way.

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