[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] M[/dropcap]onday, fun day . . . how is another week already here?

Just a bunch of thoughts to wade through:

I have been in baby mode . . . wanting so much to purge the nursery, make a list of the few things that we need for this baby, and just get the room ready. Of course, there’s the small issue of moving Ezra over to his brother’s room. So I’m obviously way ahead of myself.

I have a birthday this week!! Due to all our hard work on laying laminate last week, neither my husband nor I realize that this week was actually my birthday and Valentine’s Day. We were both like since when did the middle of February arrive?! Time is flying by . . . and I’ve already been so blessed this year by cards, gifts, and general love from family and friends. Makes turning 35 feel good, really.

And speaking of Valentine’s Day, I have the dreaded task of preparing Valentines for Ryder’s 23 classmates. Ugh. One of my most dreaded tasks of the year. Let’s just safely say that I am not the mom who makes homemade cards, attached with a healthy sweet, and addressed to each classmate by name. I bought a box of generic, cheap cards, and didn’t even let Ryder choose. We’re going to sit down tonight to address them.

We’re also going to do haircuts tonight, which might be my other totally dreaded job. We’ve decided to take Ezra in for an official, short, boy haircut. I’m going to stay home as I don’t want to be around tears and drama. But Ryder will not go to a shop to have his hair cut, and it’s one battle that I will not engage with him. So now that we have a living room again, he’s going to watch “Curious George” or “Peter Pan” while I attempt to give him some kind of decent hair cut that doesn’t look too girly or too little dutch boy. Lord, please help me . . .

Lastly, I didn’t have the greatest prenatal check-up on Friday. Long story, but we’re believing the best. I’ll write more on this later when I have a clear head, heart full of faith, and can word it like I want to. The good news is that we have our ultrasound on March 12th, and Ryder is going to go with us to meet his newest sibling. We’re very excited. I will then be free to plan, purge, nest, and enjoy everything related to preparing for out last new little member.

And very lastly, never in my life have I desired a smartphone or iphone. But last year, I stupidly laid my cheap Nokia on top of the car and drove off and watched as my phone shattered in a thousand pieces behind me. So Mark and I had to go in and get me something. Due to cost, we chose an Android for me that ended up being disastrous. It worked well for about 3 months and then caused headaches and more hassle for about 8 months. So long story short, my sister was able to get me an iphone for my birthday. I love it. I feel mega-spoiled. My sister told me last year that I should have spent the money on one, but I didn’t listen. I’m glad to say she was right. I’m phone headache free.

So I will leave you with a photo from the new phone. One that shows a.) how exhausting our weekend was, b.) how delighted we are to have our comfy (so tempting to fall asleep on) couch back, c.) our new floor that my husband has truly labored over, and d.) one of our many piles of books. We’re a book family, and my husband’s a good man, with good muscles, who finishes everything well, and who is beyond exhausted. Pray that he somehow wins a beach vacation . . . in Hawaii . . . where he can spend his days reading, writing, and sleeping. Of course, his wife will accompany him. 😉

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