[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] S [/dropcap]o I’ve spent the past 4 years either pregnant or trying to get my stomach back after being pregnant. Not very flattering, really. I’m no longer the skinny, trending, cute clothing, hair done girl that I was prior to having children. My stomach didn’t recover well after my c-section, and then it really never returned to itself after the giant basketball that was Ezra in the womb. During my labor with Ezra, the mid-wife had to prop him up on my belly with a band so that he could properly wedge himself down the birth canal, yet because he was so round they couldn’t get any of the monitors to stay on my belly. I basically had a nurse holding the monitor on me so that the monitor could track his heartbeat (vital for a VBAC). So saying all that to say – Ezzy’s 9 months left me with more stretch marks, yuckiness, and weak stomach muscles than I know what to do with. I will never wear a bikini again (not that I really want to get in a swim suit every again.) Just the thought of going through all of that again is a bit daunting. I’m already watching what I eat, and if I wasn’t so tired all the time, I would get out and walk. The thought of walking in 40 degree weather isn’t real motivating, but I am going to do it. I am . . .

And you would think that by now I would own some maternity clothes that I like and would be happy to wear for a third time. Right? No. Are there any cute maternity clothing items that don’t cost an arm and a leg to purchase? I do own a very cute winter coat and two pairs of jeans that I like. I also have two sweaters from Gap and a cute jean jacket that a friend gave to me. That’s about it. Thankfully though, another good friend of mine was able to acquire a bag full of maternity clothes, which was recently delivered to my door. There were some skinny jeans, cute shorts, and cute summer tops in the bag. Thank the Lord; I love gifts like that. It’s now just a question of what to wear until winter is over. And seeing how this will be my last pregnancy, I don’t really want to go out and buy a bunch of new clothes.

If any of you readers have any suggestions on how to get through pregnancy looking cute and somewhat stylish (bear in mind that I do work and have to leave the house. I can’t just wear comfy clothes all day.), please let me know. Or if you know of any blogs, good shopping sites, etc., I’d love the suggestions! The one consignment shop that we had in our town that actually sold used maternity clothing went out of business . . . and Target’s maternity selection has been very minimal to say the least. So I’m out of ideas! And seeing as how I’ll be showing shortly (if not already), it’s a long time to go without clothing that doesn’t fit.

Lastly, I was thinking back to the last weeks before both of my boys were born and how large I was and how much I didn’t fit into anything, and I remembered how I wore this comfy/totally not me outfit to the hospital on the day I went into labor with R. What was I thinking?! I was thinking I was miserable and didn’t care . . . 🙂

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  1. Your pic is not helping your case one bit… you look too cute. So glad to hear about the free clothes. I’ve gotten rid of my maternity stuff with all the moves we’ve made; I would have to start over if we did it again!

  2. I found some tutorials here (http://www.luvinthemommyhood.com/2010/03/maternity-sewing-tutorial-roundup.html) to repurpose my pants and jeans…they were from Goodwill for a buck or two. So I’ve sewn the maternity pants/jeans in about 45 minutes (you need an old tight fitting tank to attach to the top of the pants…the tutorial will explain) and they ended up being some of the only maternity pants that stayed up. (I don’t know why but maternity pants never wanted to stay on…) You may not sew, but maybe your Mom does…if she’s willing to help out! I bought clearance stuff, or looked at the maternity rack at Goodwill. I did land two great pairs of maternity leggings this way, as well as some capri pants. I got some hand-me-downs from people, but I think I already gave away the too small stuff. (I’ll check…if not I’ll send you them.) I also looked at Target’s online clearance to buy for the next season.

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