So this is a rare post as the subject content is clothing. 🙂

I’ve been on the hunt for a maternity coat. Shouldn’t be a big deal considering that many women are pregnant throughout the year, and those of us who live in states that have cold winters are in need of a good coat. However, I’m finding it really difficult to find anything that costs less than $50. I’d pay slightly more for a good winter coat as it can be worn winter after winter. But I will not pay more than $50 for a coat that will be used for only one winter (maybe a 2nd at some point in the future). I recently visited a “gently used” maternity shop and was told by the owner that maternity coats are very hard to find; she didn’t have any tips on where to look. So as I’ve been shopping, I’m realizing that someone has hit a pot of gold in designing maternity clothes. Cheap maternity clothes are usually ugly and dowdy. Expensive maternity clothes are very nice. But again, who has the money to pay hundreds of dollars for one season of clothing?? Not me. So if any of you have any tips on where to look for a coat, please let me know. Otherwise, I’m going to have to get pretty creative.

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  1. Mic. I have a maternity coat. It's a more like a rain coat. I'll bring it to the service tonight. If you're not there I'll send it home with Hav, your mom or dad. I'll get it to you some how. I see if I can get Jordan to find my old maternity clothes in the crawl space.

  2. Micah, I just wore my normal jacket and just didn't close it up. My babes were born in early Dec and late January so I didn't have the whole winter. Oh wait, I think I have a maternity pea coat. Not a super warm one, but worked well for Colorado warmer winter days. It is yours if you want it. I just found it while cleaning out the coat closet a few weeks ago.

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