When I was little, my best friend and I somehow (from a movie maybe?) heard the saying “man alive.” It’s to be said with kind of an exasperated tone. And for some weird reason, about 22 years after the fact, it’s been running through my head lately. Weird . . . but fitting for today. So we’ll go for it.

As usual, we had a super busy weekend. We’re approaching the beginning of a 3rd year of busy weekends . . . I so miss the laid back, everything shuts a 5pm, slow lifestyle of England. This busy life we lead has not been my favorite.

Yesterday was spent at our friend Isaac’s wedding. It was a wonderful, wonderful wedding. Filled with joy, dancing, and all of the dress of Nigeria. I’m convinced that I could easily become an African and wear the big hats and the colorful dresses. It made me remember the months we spent living in Jamaica and our weeks in Papua New Guinea. I never felt out of place as the white girl; never felt weird that I couldn’t dance like they could. I just absorbed the joy, the music, and the community; I wish that Americans were as community oriented as other cultures are. The love and community that was shared at the wedding really blessed me and made me homesick for a community like that. And I, again (for about the millionth time), told Mark that I am going to Africa some day. 🙂

So thankfully, there were other moms with kids who would not sit through a 2.5 hour wedding ceremony as Mark and I spent most of our time following Ryde as he crawled and walked through the back of the church auditorium, the entryway, and the lobby. There were lots of kids and lots of parents, and all were very gracious to wave at Ryde when he waved at them, to give him his truck back, his remote back, and his pacifier back after he’d give it, drop it, or throw it. And at some point through all of it, Ryde got tired of doing his variation of crawling, walking along furniture, crawling, etc. and just decided to walk. 🙂 So the key would be to let your child just roam a church for a few hours, and all of sudden, the walking just happens.

Needless to say, we got home late after a busy day. And today was no less busy as we went to church, then to get lunch, and finally to our cleaning job. We were home by 7pm. Ugh. Long day for a 13 month old. However, a few interesting things happened along the way. First, we woke up at 6:45 this morning and realized that Rydey was still asleep. We also realized we were exhausted from yesterday (did I mention that Mark worked yesterday morning as well?). So we decided to not rush but to just go to second service instead of first. And I’m thankful we did, because I’ve been wanting to go up during worship to ask for prayer from one of the healing teams. Yet we’re always in first service, and the healing teams are made up of a man and a woman. I haven’t felt comfortable in sharing my health issues in front of a man, so I haven’t gone up. However, today, there was a team of two ladies. Two fireball ladies who’ve prayed with me before. One who prayed with me when Ryde was only about 6 weeks in the womb, and I was having some very concerning issues. So I felt good about asking them to pray. And they were gracious enough to listen to all my jibberish about how this has happened and that’s happened, and I need prayer for this, and this needs to stop because of this and on and on. They gave me some excellent advice and spoke the Word of God over me. I felt refreshed, encouraged, and like I had some good words of instruction to take home with me.

And then after worship, my dad begins to preach, and his sermon just hits home with me. I’ve had some things that I’ve known I’ve needed to deal with or at least really put before the Lord. But it’s always seemed like I couldn’t get me out of the way. Like I’ve felt that it’s just been me who’s thinking these things. Yet today, the sermon was on exactly what I needed to hear. All the puzzle pieces fell together so that it became glaringly obvious that yes, I need to do what I’ve been thinking. What a relief it is to know what your next step is.

Then lastly, we received a letter regarding something that we’ve really been praying about. The letter basically instructed us to do something that affects us quite a bit. It affects both our time and our finances, so it was kind of a shock to receive it. Yet we both knew that it would come at some point. So we didn’t really know whether to laugh or cry as it is such a mixture of both bad news and good news. Yet more than anything it just shoved us into the realm of having to trust God. There’s no more just trusting God on days when it looks bad or just trusting God to get us through. This now requires that we trust Him every single day. And as hard as it is on my emotions and my mind, my spirit almost feels like we were given some freedom. I told Mark that I should have been more careful regarding what I pray for as I’ve wanted this, but now I don’t want the consequences of it. (And sorry to not just spell it out, but some things just need to be kept a bit closer than spilling one’s guts on a public blog.)

Anyway, so yeah, we’re in deep with God. And I know that He will not let us fall. This year has been very trying, very challenging, very tough in many ways, but in one sense, we’ve been in training for this day. So our faith stand begins now. We’ll see how God brings us through, and I’m trusting that we’ll have a great testimony to share some day (hopefully soon).

So it’s been a “man alive” type weekend as my emotions have been all over the place.

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