As I’ve recently said in a previous blog (or at least meant to say as I can’t remember what I’ve posted and not posted), I’m learning a lot about parenting from my Heavenly Father. And it mainly comes from how He parents me . . .

This past Friday afternoon, I was feeling a bit down. We found out that Mark doesn’t get paid holidays, but he gets more paid time off. So he didn’t get paid for last Monday’s holiday, and his hours for the week were way short. (Not good when you’re on a budget as tight as ours.) He hasn’t accrued enough vacation to take off for all the time that his parents will be here, so he’ll have to take a few days unpaid plus work a few days. Again, a bummer. So being the planner, budgeter, fretter that I am, I was calculating all of our bills, expenses, etc. due for September and feeling totally overwhelmed. I was also bummed as we get to see Mark’s parents once every two years. Two weeks in two years is not enough time. It’s really not enough when Mark has to work part of it as well. So instead of lifting it all up to God, I was just bummed. Oh, and Mark gets to go to Costa Rica in January with my dad and Haven, but I can’t go because of the kids and money. I’m thrilled for him; bummed for me. And I want to just be thrilled for him and forget about me. So I was also kicking myself for not just being excited for him . . . . anyway.

So we were supposed to go to my parents’ house for dinner that evening, but because Mark was trying to make up extra hours, he was going to be very late. I was tired, bummed, and a bit frustrated. I loaded up the kids, went over to Mom and Dad’s, and just forgot about all the bummer stuff.

Fast forward to a few hours later . . . and Hav’s out on the porch working to get things done for our big event the next night when my folks’ next door neighbor pops over. My parents know all of their neighbors, but we had not met this neighbor who is a few years younger than us and who recently had a baby girl. She comes in the house and asks if we need any diapers – size 2 in particular. Hello, yes. We were about to run out of diapers for Ezra, so her offer was perfect in timing. She then chatted for a while and then brought over a big box of diapers. Such a huge blessing!!! She also said that she’d love to have the babies hang out at some point. So a friend in the making . . . for both Ezra and me. 🙂

Fast forward to the next night at the Elegant Evening of Art . . . after lots and lots of work, sweat, and labor, we pulled off our Art night, and it was beautiful. Well worth the hard work. As people are preparing to leave and I’m collecting payment for all the items, a friend of ours walks up with the item that she won and says I want to give this to you guys. Mark and I just looked at her like what?! It was a gift basket of photography cards, postcards, chocolate, and gift certificates to the movie theater and Starbucks (makings of a perfect date night). We just stared at her, and she smiled, paid for it, and handed it to us. Our second blessing in two days.

And as always, I heard in my heart a little voice speaking “see Mic, I always provide. Just trust me.” Quit worrying and simply trust.

Before each of my boys’ births, we received several words of encouragement that came in many different forms. All said that God would always provide for our kids, and we would never lack for them. I have so many stories of provision – clothes, diapers, wipes, baby formula, money, baby items, etc. And not only that, but God has blessed us (Mark and me) with so many other things. Mark has had half of his plane fare to Costa Rica already paid for him. We now get to go on a date night, and Ezra has had diapers supplied since he was born. We’re just blessed.

But with every blessing, I feel God lovingly correct me and say trust me more. The Word says that the goodness of God leads to repentance. And I hear that. The goodness of God is not for me to just give testimony after testimony, but for me to also lay down my worrying (i.e. sin) and take up the better way of faith, which pleases Him. My kids are God’s. Why would He not provide for them? And why would He not care about me and my own heart? Why would He not bless me with a date night with my husband? So . . . message received with a grateful heart. And I hope to get to know my parents’ neighbor as well. 🙂

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