[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] O[/dropcap]h my goodness, if you could only see how many half-written drafts I have sitting and waiting to be finished. Sheesh . . . happy Monday.

I’m very much wanting to transition over to writing some serious posts that relate to a combo of cultural/spiritual growth. Yet it’s not easy. I tend to over-think things, which is why my drafts don’t get finished. I tend to be harder on myself than on anyone else, so if my writing doesn’t feel spot-on, then I don’t post it. I’m also not a photographer in any way, so I find it hard to post appropriate photos. And I tend to wonder if anyone really wants to read what I write. Yet writing is becoming more and more of a necessity. I need to do it for my own sake.

So maybe I’m at a crossroads really. Maybe I need to combine my experience of being a pastor’s kid with lots of traveling/missions experience, a mama, a wife, and a lover of God all into one and post my thoughts on our world, on reaching others with the love of Jesus, and on standing up for Christ in a culture that is getting closer and closer to persecuting those who voice an opinion that oppposes the politically correct. Maybe it’s time to write more about larger issues such as the unloved and unwanted, human trafficking, having a cultural worldview, living with integrity, growing up in church and still loving it, living as an immigrant, the importance of Israel, being driven by eternity, and just a few of the issues that get my heart stirred up. Maybe . . . maybe . . . maybe I need to start finishing what I start by posting about the issues that are really on my heart and stop trying to write things that people might be interested in reading?

There are so many things that are burning up the inside of me and that need to come out. And instead of wondering why there seems to be no outlet or how to make time for something that is not happening right now, it would seem wise to use the outlet that I do have, which is my voice through writing.

And my heart is never to be controversial, to stir up argument, to offend or bug people. My heart is always to raise awareness, to see outside of our narrow, little world, to see through God’s eyes as much as possible, and to get closer to His heart for this world. If there’s anything I long to do, it’s to get people to look up at God and outside of themselves, because there is so much more there. Yet it’s a learning process. It’s one that I stumble through. I’m no where near perfection, but God is not asking me to be perfect. He’s asking me to lean in, to yield, to allow myself to be used where He needs me. Yet we’re not usable if it’s about us. We can only be used if it’s about Him. So if you do read this blog, please bear with me and please learn as I learn.

And lastly, as I challenge myself, I challenge you to use your giftings – whatever they may be!

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