I’ve been trying to do better at making note of answers to prayer. However, I’ve got very little time to journal, and virtually nothing gets written down in my life. So I thought I’d blog about it as my way of making note.

Finances – September was a bit of a whirlwind month. We had bills, car repair, dr. appointments, etc. that appeared out of no where and hit our check book pretty hard. So we’ve been purposeful in cutting back as much as possible and diving in to trusting the Lord as much as we can. We then received a letter from Mark’s student loan company in the UK; it was not filled with good news. So we either had to look up or get very disheartened. We looked up, and as Mark worked and re-worked the figures, things started to look better. We mailed off our response yesterday and are praying, praying for favor. The good news is that we’re much more hopeful than we were on the day that we received the letter. So I know that God is taking care of this situation. I’m praising Him ahead of time as I’m confident that the response they give us will be better than we first expected. 🙂

Secondly, after lots of searching and applying, Mark finally has a job interview tomorrow. We don’t think that he’ll actually take the job, but it’s been a huge relief to just get a response from his applications. So that has been encouraging. It’s always good to get in practice interviews, so we know that tomorrow won’t be wasted. Just trusting that God shows him if this is the right job.

Baby and my health – one huge answer to prayer is that all the pain that I’ve been dealing with for months has finally subsided. I have a twinge here and there, but overall, I feel 99% better than I have felt in months. Even the morning sickness seems to have improved. For that I am so very, very grateful!! Jehovah Rapha is so good to us! So good to me. I have a heart now for people who deal with pain on a daily basis, and I also have a much higher level of faith than I did 9 or 10 months ago. So that is a huge praise the Lord!

And since finding out that we are expecting, I’ve been praying a lot about what doctor to choose and what hospital to choose for the baby. My mid-wife (who I loved) moved down south, so she is no longer with the mid-wives that we used for Ryder’s birth. That kind of bummed me out, and I was told that there is a chance that I may not be able to have a normal birth after having a c-section. So that made me think a lot about choosing a doctor instead of the mid-wives. However, I finally decided that I want a normal birth, and I want to use the mid-wives. I won’t be crushed if I do have to have another c-section, but I also don’t want to go through the recovery of abdominal surgery again. So I went with my gut and decided that I’m going to pursue a normal delivery and just see what happens. I had my first appointment yesterday, and I was told that the mid-wives will give me lots of counseling regarding a VBAC (vaginal birth after ceasarean), and I will meet with a doctor at the end of my pregnancy. So either way, we’ll be prepared. They’ll coach me through it, and we’ll go for it. I feel really, really good about this decision, and I’m thankful that the Lord leads us and guides us. Just as Ryder’s labor and delivery process was filled with peace and joy, I know that the arrival of this baby will be as well. So it’s all in God’s hands, and I feel really good about it all.

Lastly, I’m just so thankful that as we put more and more trust in the Lord and as we put our faith out there, He is faithful to answer. Finally at 32 years of age, I feel like my faith is growing and hitting a new level; one that was very much needed. And that is probably the biggest answer to prayer of all. God is good!!

2 thoughts on “little answers to prayer

  1. Mic, that is awesome that the pain and morning sickness is subsiding! I didn't know that until you posted this. I'm thrilled to hear it, my friend! Let me know how goes with Mark's interview today. Had so much fun last night with you guys. Lots of good laughs. Anyway, love you my friend and hope you're having a good day at work today.

  2. Thanks Tirz! The morning sickness seems to hit about every 3rd day. Weird, but at least I get a break from it. I've enjoyed our weekly movie nights! It's so nice to hang out with you girls! Love you!

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