[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] S [/dropcap]o I’m a list lady who is married to a list man. If it’s not on a list, it probably doesn’t get done. When I was in college, I carried around a little notebook to write thoughts, lists, homework, projects, etc. I need to go back to that way of living . . . so here we go:

We have decided that in order to sell our house, we have to put some major work into it. Work = time + money. We have neither, but we have arms, legs, and brains. So we’ll do as much of it as we can by ourselves and learn as we go. Kind of scary for this perfectionist. My uncle has redone his entire house, and Mark’s dad and sister have done theirs. I’m really wishing we could fly them out to teach us . . . but we may just have to borrow their brains via phone. And Mark and I are both creative in very different ways. I have to show him pictures of what I’m thinking in order for us to both have an understanding of what the other likes. So I’ve decided that I need to use pinterest (dread) and start building ideas so that Mark and I can be on the same page. We need to redo these areas:

Kitchen, bathroom, living room/hallway floors, replace windows in back half of house, redo the back yard, and dig up/replace front yard – these are just the necessities. Forget what we actually want to do.

We also need to get heavily organized as Ezra is moving into Ryder’s room, which requires fitting in another bed. Thankfully, we anticipated this and already have the matching bed to Ryder’s. Just need a mattress and bedding. Also need to fit all of Ezra’s stuff into Ryder’s room, which means purging all of the books, toys, and clothes for both boys. Lord, help us.

Baby’s room is tiny and full of stuff; so everything that is not for baby will have to move out and go away (like to Good Will).

Garage is packed with storage bins of clothing for the boys, books, notes from my college days, Mark’s writing, tools, dog kennels, lawn stuff, and junk. Major cleaning required!! But, Mark says a spider bomb has to be delivered into the garage first . . . 🙂

So we have approximately 6 months to do all of the above. I have no ideas on where to start, but I know that realistically, we have to make a priority list of what has to be done for baby’s arrival and what can slowly come after. We’re also needing to save for a new car, so we need a budget of what $$ can go for which things. So I think that thrift shops, craigslist, and garage sales will be filling our Saturdays until baby’s arrival. I also think that we’ll be learning a lot from the guys at Home Depot as we need to peel off wallpaper, paint, learn about dealing with houses with lead paint and what to do and not do when DIY’ing, take off cabinets, replace counter tops, build storage, redo closets, install a sprinkler system and new front yard, dig out the back yard and remodel completely, build a dog kennel . . . and are you tired yet? I am. I have not loved home ownership. I’d happily return to renting a flat any day. If only we didn’t have a dog . . . not that we’ll be parting with her as she’s family.

Yet I think we’ll really love our house once we’re done . . . just in time to move out!! 🙂 Baby will have to be a minimalist as I’m also purging all of the baby items that we won’t absolutely need. Forget diaper genies and changing tables; that stuff is going, going, gone.

And truthfully, I’ve come to love change. So let’s bring it on!! And pinterest, I’m going to come to love you . . .

One thought on “lists, DIY, organization, and learning as we go

  1. We function without a changing table, too. Vinegar and water in a spray bottle/let soak– works wonders on wallpaper. I’ve also learned that certain imperfections can be covered up to a certain extent. A good coat of paint does wonders for a home. We’re trying to finish a few projects ourselves. I’ve come to the conclusion that I enjoy certain aspects of homemaking…but redoing and finishing aren’t my favorites. I’m the list person, and my hubby isn’t. My husband has everything worked out in his mind, but I have to SEE it to understand. So many aspects of getting things done beyond just getting them done! Hope it goes well for you!

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