On Sunday during the church service, someone came over to me, sat down, told me that they wanted to give me something so that I could get my toes done, and then went back to their seat. I sat there and thought, wow, I’m the girl who never, never, ever gets a manicure or a pedicure, and I’ve just been given money to do so. Later that day, I counted out the money and had $50 in my hand. Mark was like uh, do you think we could put it towards the window blind that we really need?! 🙂 Even funnier though, is that my right foot has really been sore. Like I have a flip-flop injury (must be due to 30 years of wearing flip-flops, right?). So I would completely love to go soak my feet in a spa and get some relief. And I would love even more to have an hour to be waited on while all I do is read. That would be wonderful. So I’ll gladly put the money towards my feet.

Second, Mark and I have had our share of financial woes since we’ve been married. It’s been a struggle to say the least. And we’re not people who get into credit card debt or any other debt. Immigration, moving overseas, only having one income for almost a year, followed by buying a house, having two kids, plus a million other unexpected things have just sucked the life out of us. We really are a walking miracle in the sense that we haven’t lost our house, and we’ve made every single loan payment on time. That’s only been God. On paper, we should really be in the poor house. But thank the Lord, we’re not. And thank the Lord, we haven’t given up. It’s put a strain on us in every way, but we keep trekking on. This weekend we’re meeting with a financial advisor so that we can seriously get out of this hole we’re in. I don’t care if it takes us 5 more years; I just want out. And I finally feel encouraged that we can do it. We will get there. Faithfulness and perseverance will pay off. I will someday be a stay at home mom, and we will be debt free. I just keep reminding myself of that.

Lastly, I’m going to be teaching at the Bible school this Fall while Mark is going to attend. And even though, I have no idea how we’ll juggle everything, I’m excited. I do so much better in life when I’m able to pour out. So I’ve already been thinking on missions, leadership, and finances as those are my three subjects, and I’m excited! Lord, help me to keep it all together . . .

Oh, and by the way, I posted a blog about my eldest child earlier this week, and then I deleted it. I just never want my son to feel like I didn’t enjoy him. I know we all love our kids, but we don’t always like their behavior. And I want to keep that in mind, but not ever allow for him to get a feeling that I didn’t enjoy his toddler years. I do enjoy him, especially when he blows me kisses at nap time, makes me laugh with his dancing, shows sweetness to his brother, and asks me to play with him. Those are our good moments. He is a blessing. And as much as I think now that we probably won’t have any more kids, I also don’t want to close the door on that for sure right now. After Ezzy hits his first birthday, we’ll see if he’s still as sweet as he’s been so far, then decide if we can handle another little Hayden.

Anyway, just thinking and sharing out loud.

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