On the average day, I dream about living some place where we have no internet, no tv, no ipads, no phones. Just a simple little town where we walk to get fresh food, where we know our neighbors, where we work jobs that we’re good at AND enjoy, where God, family, friends, and loving others are priority. Where I don’t have to worry about my children playing in the front yard, don’t have to hear/see people’s opinions on EVERYTHING, and don’t have to read, hear, or see constant bad news.

The average news headline lately has been ugly. Parents killing children. Our government lying to us about food. Taxes going up; the price of gasoline going up. Our government being against us. On and on it goes. I have “friends” on facebook who I’ve blocked simply because I don’t want to know what they think. I don’t need to know what they’re doing. And I daily battle my inner self as I want to speak up, but I don’t because a.) I know the person can’t take it, but b.) I have to say it out of love if I’m going to say it. Spewing opinions everywhere isn’t me. I don’t know where everyone is coming from, so it’s not place to act as if I do.

When Mark and I first got married we were intentional about not buying a tv license (in the UK, you have to buy a license to watch tv. Otherwise, you face up to a 1000 pound fine.) We didn’t want tv in our house. And now, we have a tv that has three channels, and yet all we do watch is netflix. Ryder watches Curious George, and Mark and I watch about 1 movie a week. Sometimes I feel like that’s too much. And unfortunately, I spend far too much time online. It’s a bad habit that I’m trying to break. It’s one that I really, really want to break. So I have boundaries, but I’m starting to feel like my boundaries need to be brought in. Again, it’s something that I keep considering, yet need to put action too.

So I dream of that quiet, countryside place of simple living.

2 thoughts on “let not your heart be troubled

  1. Sounds like you are dreaming of living in Europe. We were just talking today of how differently European cities are structured compared to the west/mid-west US. 😉 We didn't have internet (still no TV) for almost three months after coming back. Amazing what a time sucker it can be, and how much you can get done in one hour at McDonald's once a week. But I must say that it is nice to have it now since all of our long distance phone calls are made through google.

  2. Yes, dreaming of Europe. Life in England was much simpler. I always miss that. We didn't have internet either, so we had to walk to the libary or a coffee shop. I miss walking in general! 🙂

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