How is it already Friday?! It really seems like time is flying by, and it’s a bit scary. In like 10 days we’ll have an idea of who our next president will be, and as much of a relief as it’ll be to finally get an end to all the ads, bickering, opinions, etc., it’s a bit scary to think that the next 4 years could take us in a drastically different direction. Moving on from that thought though . . .

Mark and I have had a very exciting, yet pretty hard, week. Last Thursday night, we took a major leap of faith and put a low offer on a house that we’ve really liked but never thought we could get as it was out of our price range. Most thing are out of our price range. So our options were things like a disgusting, junked out foreclosure, an ancient-needs-lots of work but is in a great area house, a beautiful, small condo with very high HOA fees, or . . . that was about it really. So we opted for putting a low offer in on a house that is old but has been updated and has all that we really need and want. On Friday night, they counter-offered by lowering the price $2000. That was still way out of our range. So a pair of stressed Haydens drove an hour to a great friend’s house where we were pumped up, encouraged, and basically just loved on. 🙂 Thank the Lord for good, godly friends who are on fire for Jesus! They really corrected us and encouraged us. We got home super late and went to bed exhausted. The next morning, we got up early and sat in the kitchen of my parents who also challenged us, stirred us up, and just gave us a lot of wisdom. Again, thank the Lord for loving parents who speak much wisdom.

So to make a long story short, we agreed on an amount that we could still somewhat afford, and we gave the sellers a counter-offer that met them halfway. We then submitted it to the Lord, decided that we desire His best and His will, not ours, and we went back to my parents’ house and started working on sorting through all of our boxes that have been piled in my parents’ basement. A few hours later, Mark comes down from one of his many trips upstairs, and goes well, Mic, do you want the good news or the bad news? I just stared at him with big eyes and didn’t say anything. He looks at me and goes “we got a house!” We just stood there and stared at each other like we were in total shock and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

And that was the beginning of a long week of paperwork, deciding on a mortgage lender, praying about interest rates, dealing with inspections, trying to sort out a budget, and really doing more than I ever knew would need to be done when buying a house. And in the midst of this, my sister got strep throat, and my mom has had a major eye surgery!! It has been quite the week.

We still have two more hurdles to jump before we know if this house is officially ours, but we’ve entrusted each hurdle to the Lord. And amazingly, He has answered so quickly and so easily. I am really starting to get a bit of a clue about this faith walk. I’m learning so much, and really, I’m just resting. I know that He knows that we need a place to live. I know that He knows what’s going to happen to the economy, who will be our next president, when Mark will get a greencard, and where Mark will work. A house is easy stuff for God. 🙂 I’m realizing again how much He just wants us to focus on Him and trust Him. So that’s where we’re at. Trusting and waiting. 🙂 It’s good.

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