So since this is “The Beauty of Progress,” we have to talk about some progress. Seeing how I tend to be a moan in the Lord always type person, I’ve really been focusing and praying and asking God about how I can rejoice in Him always. And He’s been teaching me some things (all of which I’ll have to share later – still have a laptop that is not great for writing on). So I’ve been learning. And as a short testimony, yay God story, I have to tell you this.

For the past few months, we’ve known that Mark’s car has a bad oil leak. We waited until his parents came and left before we scheduled the car in to be looked at. And the morning that it was due to be looked at, I got this sense of peace that said that no matter what it’ll be all right. Then a few hours later, I get a call from Mark, and I could tell immediately that the news was bad. So before he said anything, I asked “Is the car dead?” He responded with a no, but then he gave the $$ amount of what was needed to fix it. We had just sent all of our savings over to the UK to be used for student loan payments. So basically, it was a no brainer that we couldn’t get the car fixed. My folks offered to loan us the money, and Mark and I talked about it. But if we’ve had one goal this year that we’ve been determined to keep, it’s been to get out of debt and not take any new loans. We’re still paying off hospital debt, so we mutually agreed that we weren’t going to take a loan from my parents. Then out of the blue, Mark goes what if we buy a used bike and I bike to work? It hit both of us that this was the perfect solution. It’ll take Mark a while to get there, but hello, he’s ex-Army, a black belt in karate, and he used to run marathons. If anyone can bike to work, Mark can. He’s been wanting to get back in shape, and we haven’t been able to afford a gym membership. So here we go. 🙂 We had a good laugh about it, and then peace just settled on both of us. Then to top it off, my sister has a bike she never uses, and she insisted that Mark take it for as long as we need it. Thank the Lord!! Our solution was provided in less than an hour.

So I woke up rejoicing that even in the midst of what seems to be bad news God always has a solution. Sure we’d love to get a new car; that would be the ideal solution. But it would have violated our agreement to not get in any new debt. So God provided something that’s workable. And I have to rejoice that it wasn’t my car as I would not be ready to bike to work with Ezzy behind me . . . 😉

As always, God is good . . . all the time. We’re thankful.

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