So I’m already breaking one of my 2014 goals and going ahead with a simple/life update post on schooling . . . oh well, it is what it is!

If any of you are like me, I remember looking at my firstborn’s face when he was a newborn and thinking how far off kindergarten seemed. I never dreamed that time would fly by so quickly! And 4.5 years later, here we are ready to enroll him into kindergarten. Time really does fly. I’m relishing the moments of life with my two year old and my 5 month old. Even with all the terrible two behavior that’s happening at our house.

Anyway, knowing how schools tend to enroll about 6 months prior to the start of the school year, Mark and I started looking into kindergarten options this past Fall. After much discussion and prayer, we narrowed our schooling choices to two: Christian schooling and homeschooling. That led to then looking into all of the Christian schools in our area, which resulted in about 3 options. One option was out due to price + distance; another option was out due to price + reputation. And that left the Christian school that I attended from 2nd grade through high school graduation. I had mixed feelings only due to the fact that there are theological/doctrinal differences between the school and us. However, I maneuvered through those differences, so I *should* know how to do the same with my kids. But with that in mind, we continued to pray about the school and about homeschooling. Truthfully, I prefer the idea of Christian schooling as I really loved my experience of attending Christian school. Mark grew up in a Catholic school so he was more wary and more into the idea of us teaching our kids exactly what we believe. Yet the more I prayed the more I felt that I did not have a good gut feeling about the combo of me + Ryder + homeschooling. I feel very different about the combo of Ezra + me for many reasons. But Ryder is his own guy, and maybe it’ll all be different in a year or two. So for now, I just feel like Christian schooling is the best option for him.

So we made our appointment to tour the school and meet with the administrator. The school is quite different now vs. 20 years ago, so it was good for us to tour and ask questions. I didn’t know what to expect or how we would feel afterwards. Yet interestingly enough, both Mark and I walked out feeling really good! Mark was leaning more towards homeschooling, but after the meeting with the administrator, he felt like the school was a good fit for us. Therefore, pending that Ryder passes the kindergarten readiness tests, we’ll be enrolling him. And it’s so weird to think of my child attending the same school that I did. But it’s only a few blocks from our house, which is perfect, and it’s right across the street from his current school. So to him, it won’t feel like such a huge transition, which is key for Ryde. And one big change that the school has made is that they recognize that not all of us adhere to the exact same doctrine as the church that runs the school. Not that those differences would even be an issue until the high school years, but it was good to just hear that realization verbalized in a positive way. So, Lord willing, it will all go well.

And saying all of that to say that for the first time since we’ve been living in our town (the same town that I lived in during my high school years) I feel positive about us living here. I feel like we have something to look forward to. I’ve really wanted community in our town, and for many reasons, changing churches is not what we want to do. So we’ve looked for ways to work in our town, focus on schooling within our town, and just enjoy it more. This feels like a good step in the right direction. So thank the Lord for that!!

Finally, let me just end with saying how fast our time with our children goes. I didn’t believe people when they told me that, but I fully believe them now. I can’t believe that my boy is ready for real school. Completely can’t believe it . . .

***I pushed publish too soon as I realized later that I want to add one more thought. The number one reason why I feel good about this school choice is that I really want my children taught by teachers who love God. I also want them to be taught the Word of God in conjunction with their education. Yes, we can do both of those at home, but I feel that a full education consists of them getting the same thing at home as well as at school. The two will complement one another and lay a good, firm, biblical education, which is our goal for our kids.

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