[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] H [/dropcap]ere I sit with a few minutes to write and all I can think is “I wear my sunglasses at night . . . ” It really bugs me when songs get stuck in my head and won’t leave for weeks. Annoying.

Anyway, no excuses, but this past month has been a blur. I’m finding it hard to find time to clean the house, let alone write. And my thoughts are all a giant jumble that wouldn’t make sense to anyone from the outside. So . . . what’s a girl to do?

I will say a few short things that have been the running theme of life lately:

A.) I’m teaching a class soon on missions, so you can expect to get a lot of missions thoughts as I’m reading a lot right now. And I will say that it’s perfect timing as God’s already stirring up some very specific things in me that are missions related. I have no idea where it’s all leading or what the outcome will be as I don’t even know the first step. I just know that I’m to teach the class, enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas, then we’ll see what happens from there.

B.) If you have not seen the movie, “October Baby,” please rent it from redbox. Last Friday night, my sister treated us to a night of babysitting so that we could go out. We had a gift certificate to the restaurant where we were married, and we hadn’t been back since our wedding. Sad. So we decided to go to dinner and use the gift certificate. Well, we got through our meal, and just as we went to order dessert, a tray of food came crashing down. As always, I was the direct target, and I was quickly covered in linguine clam sauce and clams. Nice. I’ll leave the smell and look of that to your imagination. The waitresses, the owner, and the manager were so great and so gracious to get us cleaned up and sorted out. They went far out of their way to wonderfully make up for it, and they brought out a platter of dessert. So we ate desserts until we were stuffed, and at that point, we decided to head home as my clam smelling person didn’t give us any desire to head anywhere else. But on the way, we decided to get a movie, and when I saw that Redbox had “October Baby,” my whole night became brighter. Our date night was a bit of a bust, but the movie did not disappoint. In fact, it confirmed more of what God is already working in me. So saying all of that to say, please rent it, get some kleenex, and watch it!! Good movies need to be watched and promoted, and this one is well worth your time!

And lastly, I miss France. I miss England. I miss Europe in general. God’s doing something in us regarding Europe. Yes, our ties will always be in Great Britain, but something is being illuminated over Europe for us. I have no idea how to explain it further. But it’s on my heart and mind a lot. We’ve settled back into our daily routines of life, and it’s been an up and down process. I’m not discontent or looking for greener pastures. But nor am I oblivious to the fact that God has times and seasons. When we listen, He calls us to do things. He draws us to things. I’m feeling drawn. So for now, I’m yielded and listening. We’ll see what happens.

I have no pictures to leave you with that match up with anything that I’ve just written, so I’ll just attach one of me and two of my guys. This was taken during our trip as Ryder was playing hide and seek. We spend a lot of time hiding our faces and saying “ta-da!!” with Ezzy, and we did it a lot while traveling in order to keep him happy. I’m realizing that we’ll do any kind of game or entertainment to keep our kids cheery and away from the tantrum zone. Keeps life simple and happy. Even if we’ve said “ta-da!!” 50 times already that day . . . 🙂

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