I am envious of all women who are able to get through an entire 9 months of pregnancy without stretch marks, without rashes, and without looking like their bellies have been beat up. If you’re a female who sustained a perfectly beautiful belly all throughout your pregnancy, then be very grateful. My stomach will not see a public place for many, many years. In other words, when my children ask why Mom wears an ugly, old lady bathing suit, I will simply tell them that they wreaked havoc on my body and stole my beauty. 😉 Not to mention that one of them also caused a giant scar across my abdomen, but he was worth it. So I’m not complaining about the scar.

Just my lovely thought for the day as I get ready to go to my 28 week check-up and hear the mid-wife say how beautiful my belly is (even though I think she thinks that all pregnant bellies are beautiful).

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  1. Stretch marks? Yes! Rashes? Yes! Those were terribly itchy for the entire last trimester. I was miserable. It rivaled the morning sickness and insomnia. I can completely relate. I tell my kids that too because they have been very direct and asked … about that and the upper part of my anatomy because, after all, I have breast fed for 4.5 years altogether. That's a bit too much tmi:-)

  2. Oh my word. I literally laughed out loud reading this blog!!! I'm noticing my stretch marks once again… 🙁 My poor belly button is so ugly now. Oh well! And in every pregnancy I have red dots that appear on my right hand for some crazy reason and no doctor can tell me why, except for, "hormones". I look like I have a disease on my hand!

  3. Kort, I get purple bruising on my face. Looks like I've been beat up. Thankfully, it comes and goes, but yes, all they say is that it's hormone related. So I hear you . . .

  4. I am right there with you in an old lady swimsuit! Let me know when you are up for one, I got a really great stylish one that is very modest for an awesome price (under $20) from a neat little online boutique. I don't feel so frumpy in it and it is actually really attractive and modest.

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