This past Saturday night, the church invited a special speaker to come and minister on healing. Mark made it a priority for us to go, as he wants these things to be priority, but he also wanted me to go as I’m back to struggling with abdomen pain. 🙁 So we had to split the 1st cleaning job up in order for us to be able to make it on Saturday, and we were still half an hour late to the meeting. I hate being late, so I was stressed by the time we got there. I wasn’t sure if there would be any other babies, and with us being so late, I wondered if anyone would still be there to do childcare if no one else had turned up with their kids. So basically, by the time we arrived, I was feeling very much like I didn’t want to be there. However, thankfully, two lovely ladies were there to watch Ryder, which freed us up to go to the meeting. So in we went, and regardless of feeling a bit stressed, I decided to go with high expectations and a determination to just relax and receive whatever God had for me.

As it turned out, the speaker was quite enjoyable, and he was very encouraging. By the time the prayer started, I had forgotten the stress of earlier and was just glad that we had made all the effort to be there. He started to call up certain groups of people for prayer, and so I waited until close to the end to go up as I’m not one to get in line first. 🙂 There were several people ministering, yet I wanted to make sure that a lady could pray for me as I didn’t want to explain my situation to a random male stranger. By the time someone was free, it ended up being a group of three ladies. So I explained how I had a c-section last July, how my labor was long and drawn out, how I’ve been in pain off and on again for a year now, and how we’d like to at least think about trying for baby #2, but I don’t want to go through everything that I’ve been through over this past year. Basically, I just asked them to pray.

What happened next was something very different from what I had expected. These ladies didn’t just pray the first thing they thought of or just say some quick, get it over with prayer. They actually waited on the Lord, listened, talked with me, encouraged me, prayed in the best way that they knew how, and then gave me words of wisdom to walk away with. I was totally blessed. I felt like I had known the 3 of them for a long time (and now I can’t even remember their names), and I felt free to share with them and to receive what they had to say. It was so nice. And as I’ve thought about it over the past few days, I’ve realized that the special times in life are when we meet up with people of like heart and mind. People who are in sync with what God is doing; people who use enough wisdom to speak what He’d have them to speak. People who encourage and aren’t timid in ministering to others. People who are fully able to love on another sister or brother in Christ. That’s what we need. That’s what I needed that night. And so I left the church feeling very uplifted and very sure of my God and His Word. I also was just so thankful that God worked our evening out in such a way.

Since Saturday, I’ve still had pain. But I’m not in fear or worried. Last week I made an appointment to go back to the doctor that I saw in January. Part of me feels like it’s a waste of time and money, and another part of me feels like I just need to go and get everything talked out. I like this doctor, and even though she’s a general practitioner, she specializes in women’s issues and pregnancy. So I feel like she’ll either give us the green light and say yes, start trying or she’ll maybe give me a clue as to if what I’m experiencing is normal or not. Yet regardless of whatever she says, I’m finding that His peace is fully covering me. It’s a choice to walk in fear or to walk in peace. I’m choosing peace. I’m also choosing to walk in the abundant life that He has for me, and I’m choosing to be in faith that as babies are gifts from Him, I can trust Him to fulfill the desire of my heart and to give us another one.

So I just wanted to give testimony and say that I was blessed by a group of women who chose to encourage and love on me. And in return, I’m on the lookout for those that I can also encourage and love on. I truly believe that this is the reason that we are here, and that it’s time to walk in it.

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