Today has been one tough Monday. I’m not sure what happened to my kids, but they both woke up in horrendous moods, which lasted all day. And Mondays are our Dadless days as Mark leaves before the boys wake up and gets home long after they’ve gone to bed. (And I’ll soon have an entire week of these. I’ll need major help . . . )

And we got a letter from our insurance company that just about made me want to scream. But I won’t even go there.

So, I’ll say these two things then move on to the real point of this post – a.) I’m not sure if it’s harder to be a two year old or the mom of a two year old. I’m thinking mom, but I’m kind of biased. And second, I think home ownership is for the birds. After 3 years of being in our home, I almost daily dream of renting. (And for anyone who rents and reads this, you could probably list reasons why renting has its problems.) But I just feel like home ownership doesn’t work for us. We’re just not made for it. I am grateful for a home; please don’t take me wrong.

Now on to the main heart of the blog . . . Mark and I have been watching this documentary called “Failure Club” on yahoo (, and it’s had us talking a lot, specifically about how I should take 2012 as my own Failure Club year. At first, I thought Mark was joking when he suggested it. But he wasn’t, and the more we’ve talked, the more I agree. So for 2012, the goal is for me to discover my passion/purpose and the steps of how to get there. It’s time for me to do what I love doing . . . and I’m looking forward to it. 🙂 I’d write a lot more to this, but the house is trashed, I have nothing clean to wear to work tomorrow, and the baby is crying. What else is new?

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