One more good testimony – as any reader of this blog knows, we’ve been praying for Mark to find a new job. He’s been looking for months and hadn’t found anything promising. A week or two before the baby was due, he applied for a job in the business office at Longmont Hospital. He then interviewed the Wednesday before Ezra was born. He thought the interview went really well, but the woman said she’d call on Friday to let him know . . . Friday came and went. So on Monday, while I’m in labor and we’re hanging out at the hospital, I suggested that he just call and see if she had made a decision (couldn’t hurt, right?). He called, and she had not made a decision but Mark was still in the running. He then heard from her again, and she requested a list of stuff from him. So he spent the week trying to round up all the info that she needed. Then the following Friday, he gets a call, and it’s a job offer. Mark immediately accepted. 🙂 The job doesn’t pay what we were hoping. It pays a bit more than the bank, but the hours and location are far better. So we’re grateful for that. It’s progress beyond the bank, plus it gives Mark more experience and depth to his resume. We’re hoping that he really likes it and that he does really well at it. I’m also hoping that it will give us a bit more flexibility too in allowing for Ryder to maybe spend one morning a week with his dad while Ez and I go to work. We shall see. Either way, we’re giving thanks to the Lord for another answered prayer!! God’s timing is always spot on! 🙂

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  1. Praising God with you for new open doors. Praying that Mark gets a raise really soon. Hopefully, you get good benefits with the new job!

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