[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] A [/dropcap]ll right, I need to get some thoughts out and processed . . . .

a.) We were so blessed to get to hear Bill Johnson from Bethel speak last Friday night. Over the weekend, as Mark and I would discuss little thoughts that stood out from the meeting, I told Mark that I love Bill’s heart for God. I’ve heard a lot of preachers during my time, and there are a few who have a sweet sensitivity to the Holy Ghost, a simple love for God, and a heart to just flow out of the Father’s heart. Bill Johnson is one of those. David Hogan is another, and I always feel so challenged and blessed to hear them speak. I desire the humble heart that just wants to move with the Father, just wants to be a vessel of God’s love, and has no room for pride or an attitude of knowing it all. They just love Jesus and seek Him. It’s so refreshing and so good. I felt like we were gifted with that special time on Friday.

b.) The whole time we were listening to Bill Johson, my mom was dealing with our 3 year old as he puked his guts out. I felt bad for my mom as she did a favor for us in watching our kids, and no one enjoys dealing with puke. I also felt bad for my boy as I wasn’t there to rub his back; he hates being sick. Two nights later, my boy got to comfort his daddy as Mark got the same stomach bug; Ryder was so sweet in trying to help. One more night later, and it was me who was heaving all night. Horrible stuff. I never want to vomit again ever. And I know you wanted to know that . . . 🙂

c.) Since the election, I’ve decided to stop listening to the media as it is so filled with corruption. We don’t turn the TV anyway, but I’m now not reading it either. If I do, I’m very choosy about where I get my news, but mostly, I’m trying to just keep an eye on what’s happening in Israel so that I can pray. Otherwise, I’m choosing to dwell in Psalm 91 and to pray that over our family. I’ve stayed much more peace filled since this decision. And I think my husband would agree . . .

d.) I was so sick this week that I did not get to teach my missions class, but my dad filled in for me and taught on what I was planning to teach. Needless to say, he did a great job and had great fun doing it. Sadly, I’ve only got two more classes to go. I’ve loved studying missions again, and I’ve decided to continue my study with the topic of the love of God. As Mother Teresa and Heidi Baker both share a lot, all ministry flows out of the love of God. I need more and more of it so that I can pour out more and more. Mark’s decided to do the same, so I’m very excited to see where it takes us!!

By the way, at the Bill Johnson meeting, they had set up a book shop. Holy smokes, I could have spent a thousand dollars. This lady could have a whole house full of books, and that was like book heaven.

And lastly, where did the month of November go? I thought I would get ahead of the game this year on getting all of our gifts to our UK family to them early, and then I realized that I’m already behind. Yikes ahoy!!

Finally and most importantly, as I age and learn, I’m seeing more and more how much I dislike pride, unteachableness (a new word there), stubborness, this attitude of not being able to learn, not respecting authority, not being in submission to authority, and not realizing that as long as we are on this earth, we have more to learn. If we have hearts to learn, we can always learn something from everyone. Humility in all things, preferring others, letting peace rule as umpire in our hearts, and letting God do His work in us is BY FAR the best way to go. By far. We thrive when we’re growing, when we’re learning, when we’re becoming more and more like Him. And I’m praying that I can teach this to my children and pass this down to them. It goes against everything that our society teaches, but it will take them a lot farther in this life and onto the next life.

Okay, and that’s it . . . hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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