A quick little comparison here . . .

Weather forecast for Carlisle, England this week –

Monday through Thursday the highs are either 60 or 62 degrees. The lows range from 53 to 60 degrees. And it will be cloudy with rain all week until Friday. Then we get a shocker on Friday (too bad we won’t be here for it) as the high is a whopping 68 degrees with a low of 60, and there will be clouds only. No rain. And nothing new for Carlisle as that is what we have seen most of this summer.

Now we will go check out another weather forecast . . .

Weather forecast for Boulder, Colorado this week –
Monday through Thursday the highs range between 81 and 86 degrees (we Americans use fahrenheit, which is why I’m not giving the celsius version). The lows range between 58 and 52 degrees. Monday may have some thunderstorms and rain, but the other days should be partly cloudy. And check this out – Friday will be (Lord willing and Micah hoping) a lovely 81 degrees and sunny!!! Woo-hoo!! I will be out in my swim suit catching the rays!! Actually, no I won’t as the last thing I want to do is get in a swim suit. I will be sitting on the porch, catching the rays with Sabine while I try to sort out car insurance.

I know you’re all thinking that I should be a weather girl, right? I will give it to England that the continual rain and the mild temperatures do make it a most beautiful place to live, and I will be pining away for the greenliness of the UK when everything in Colorado dies and becomes an ugly brown for winter. I’ll also be pining away for England when it gets amazingly cold during the winter months of Dec, Jan, Feb, and part of March. I’ll be wishing that I was in a warmer place than Colorado. I’ll be hating the fact that I’m driving on icy, snowy roads again. But I will really enjoy the sun when it comes out.

Anyway, 3 days left . . . I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or just sleep. We are worn out! Still have about 5 houses of family members to visit, one more bag to pack, and a lot of cleaning left! Still have a plethora of emotions going on in our insides. But life is to be lived, not wasted away with worry. So steady-ho we go. Oh, and lastly, my youngest cousin and my dear, lovely friend, who I miss very much, are about to welcome their first child any day now. The entire family has been eagerly awaiting the debut of Jayden David. He has been holding out (much to his mummy’s dismay) on his arrival as I know that he knows that I want to be there to see him on his first day out of the womb. 😉 Yet he might come a day or two early. Either way, we have a new family member to meet when we get to Colorado, and that is very exciting!

Okay, peace out . . . back to packing I go.

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