On this sunny Monday morning, my to do list is out of control, my brain is heading in one direction, and my heart in another. So we’ll see if writing helps to get me flowing in one direction . . .

Mark and I are taking a class at church called “Taking Your Place in Christ.” And I’ve wanted to take a class like this for sometime, so it seemed like there was no better time than the present. It’s all about what Jesus did on the cross, through His death and resurrection, and how that has given us right standing, our righteousness in God, through Christ Jesus. We’re focusing on every scripture that talks about our being in Him. We’re only in class #2, and I’m so glad we signed up for it. It’s got me thinking so much on what Jesus did for us and how that affects me today. It is reminding me (yet again) of the importance of chewing on Scripture and how I need to speak Scripture over our current circumstances. And it’s been perfectly timed considering what a bomb last week was.

Yet it has sounded like I wasn’t alone in my feelings of being totally overwhelmed by life right now as others on our Scotland team are feeling the pressure as well. I think the realization of how much we have to do and how much our lives are going to change in such a short time is feeling very REAL. And over the past several months, I’ve had several reminders that when the going gets rough (as it will when being in such a season of change) it’ll be a reminder to get back into His presence. And of course, we have worship music playing throughout the day, I’m in the Word, we’re talking about the Word, and yet, when the pressure is fully on, the big key is to really, truly focus on Him. Get rid of the extras, spend more time with Him, get quiet, and speak His Word back to Him. Speak His Word over our circumstances and speak His Word over my feelings. So thankfully, while Mark took the boys out on Saturday, I got to spend a quiet day with Edie. We spent most of our afternoon outside enjoying the sun, working on the yard, playing together, and just getting a renewed perspective on everything. And as I conversed with the Lord, I was reminded that He has my future. He asks us to seek Him first, obey Him, and then all these things (everything I could possibly be concerned about) will be taken care of. He has our future, and it’s good and I can trust Him.

And so I’m starting this week out very differently than last week. I’m writing all my to do items in the planner, putting all my worries in His hands, and thanking Him that He goes before us. He has the right lawyer, the needed funds, the right realtor, and the answers to all of our questions. So my day consists of taking one step at a time, seeking Him, trusting Him, and just walking where He guides. And I get to enjoy it and praise Him the whole time. Just like my baby girl spends her day playing, eating, napping, looking at books, eating, and sleeping – all without concern or worry – I get to do the same. My place in Christ assures that I get to just be a daughter of my Father God, and He is such a good, faithful, full of provision, full of peace, full of favor, wonderful Father. I’m so blessed to be His, so I had better enjoy it and make the most of it!! 🙂

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