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It’s been an odd month as we have a lot going on, lots of items that are up in the air, lots of things that we’re hoping/believing for, and yet we’re in trip mode and daily, busy life mode. It’s a juggling act of trying to do this and that, yet also maintain the items of the day to day life.

So as I was in bed this morning and listening to Mark get ready, I was praying for my big boy and his school day, praying for our trip, praying for the things that are going on in Mark’s life, praying for us as a family, and then I just stopped and said, “Lord, I’m just going to thank You.” So I stopped praying my worries and just started thanking Him. I did that until the very last minute when I had to get up in order to get out the door on time.

And as I was showering, I kept marveling about how much peace I have this week in comparison to last week. I then sang with my boys while we had breakfast, and our whole morning just flowed. Ryde had a meltdown, and I didn’t lose my peace. I just did my best to get the situation settled and quietly help him through it. I know that he feels all the stuff that’s going on right now, and instead of emotionally reacting to him and his emotions, I’ve decided to stay as sweet and calm as I can. We then did our prayers in the car while driving R to school, and at his request, we prayed that Jesus would keep him safe. 🙂 He did so well going into school today. So well. Again, such a big change from last week and the week before.

So saying all of that to just be able to share this . . . a big change that God is working in me and my family is that we’re seeing how He just wants us to believe Him. Everything flows out of our faith in Him. He is a good God. Jesus accomplished all that we need for this life (And the next) for us. There’s so much goodness from Him to walk in. Living a peaceful life, successfully maneuvering through hard circumstances, waiting on Him, making decisions, trusting for His provision, trusting Him for health, you name it . . . all of it flows out of simply believing Him and His Word. Childlike faith is hearing the Word and saying yes, Lord, I believe. So as we maneuver through all of these things that are going on and that could be big worries, I just make a constant choice to take my eyes off of those things and put them on Him instead. He will get us through; He will work it out. He knows. So I can rest, I can sing, I can enjoy my boys, and I can keep a quietly content heart with my eyes on Him.

And lastly, I’m going to share a beautifully encouraging song:

PS – I featured this photo of my boys, because it makes my heart happy but it also reflects just peacefulness and contentment when I look at it. When I took this photo, they were so content and happy to be home, to be with each other, and to just simply be. So it seemed to go with this post. I guess maybe you have to follow my brain wave on that one . . .

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  1. I was laying in bed last night — overwhelmed… Started watching this same video and tears streamed… He truly knows us… Every little bit… Nothing is hidden… His love changes everything…

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