We attempted a last minute family vacation this past weekend. The goal was to allow Mark and the kids a chance to see more of the US before we move. I had never seen Mt. Rushmore, and it seemed like a bearable trip to make with three children under 5 and one dog. Little did we know . . . we ended up having tire problems when we hit Cheyenne, which resulted in a long wait at a tire shop, which then took our whole first day of our vacation. That was followed by the dog escaping from our hotel and over a big, busy road and highway. I won’t even go into all the emotions, wailing, sobbing, searching, praying, and all in the pouring rain as we drove all around town trying to find Zoya. Praise the Lord someone did get her and called us immediately. That was one of the worst mornings of our lives. Then the rest of the second day was spent in floodlike conditions and tantrums from little ones. Finally, on our last day, we got to have some fun in Bear Country, got to see Mt. Rushmore, and got to see real, free ranging buffalo!! That was such a highlight. It was then followed by getting lost in South Dakota and having a very long drive home. So our vacation was a bust. Never again will we do a road trip with a toddler and a dog. But thankfully, I did learn several things, and I realized this –

We drove through a lot of big, empty space, lots of rain, and so many different colors of landscape and sky. It was really beautiful. And with all the stress of immigration, wondering when we will get to move, living out of suitcases, etc., I just felt this quiet assurance that God is directing our steps. The road may look very long; the weather might be bad right now. But that’s not the end destination. We have to journey with that in mind. There is always beauty to be found. We can always find something to laugh (and cry) about. Yet the journey is not over. We will get to where God is leading us. We just have to keep walking.

So we returned from our “vacation” late on Monday night, and we were up early the next morning to hit the immigration path again. I will get a visa. We will move. I just have to keep the beauty of the journey in front of me and not forget that He is directing our steps. Delays are frustrating and tiring, but we can make something of them. We can stretch our faith our further; we can continue to speak His Word over our circumstances. And we can rest in the fact that He is working on our behalf. He who created the universe, He who gave His only Son for us to live abundant lives, and He who calls us His is surely working on our behalf. Moving to Edinburgh was His idea, not ours, so He can/will make it happen.

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