I just have to say that I’m thankful for sweet parenting moments. Ryde’s been sick since Friday, and I don’t just mean yucky cold sick. This has been drama. He’s a dramatic kid, but whatever he’s had has wiped him out. So yesterday, we stayed home from work, and we had quite a long day. He only wanted to be held, which would be fine if I wasn’t 33 weeks pregnant . . . He then was up all night crying, and neither of us slept. I tried to sleep in his bed, but he didn’t want to be touched. And I didn’t want to be kicked, so that didn’t work. Eventually, after we tried everything, Mark just shut the doors. 🙂 But by that point, I’d been awake for at least 2 hours. So I moved to the couch, which is my relief space when I just can’t sleep. For some reason, Ezra quiets down when we get to the couch. So at about 5am, Ryde, Ezzy, and I all fell asleep. Mark was up at 7, then I followed around 7:40, and of course, the Rydester was still out when I woke him up at 8:30 for work. He cried from the time he woke up until about 10 minutes after we arrived at work. Can I just say that my nerves were shot by that point? It’s hard enough to deal with a sick child, but then get him changed, dressed, fed, and loaded into the car (trying to be on time) for work, and it’s almost impossible (for me at least) to get to work in a good mood. The ten minute drive is my daily battle of hating my life right now . . . . just being honest. Thank the Lord for Hillsong United as their current cd helps me to get my attitude right.

The Bub cried, coughed, and hacked up who knows what all during our 4 hours of work. My co-worker who has to sit near us was loving it (that’s said with sarcasm). 🙂 He kept giving me looks that said “why did you not stay home?” But he was gracious as always. He knows that I need to work right now, so he keeps his opinions to himself for the most part.

Ryder and I then had to stop at the grocery store in order to get some gatorade and soup – in hope that he’d actually try one and get some fluids in his body. But of course, Ryder would not walk or ride in the cart. He just held on to my legs, so we moved about an inch an hour. I finally carried him while doing my shopping, and it was by God’s grace that I did not drop him as his 26 pound little body is quite heavy. Not to mention that his knee goes right into my belly; Ezra fully dislikes when I carry Ryder. 🙂 Yet we did it. We got home, Ryde played outside for a bit, then actually ate a quarter of a bagel with cream cheese, then we both slept for 3 hours. Thank the Lord! After that, we actually had a good evening together. He watched “E” for a bit, danced with me while we watched “Dancing with the Stars,” played with Zoyz, ate some strawberries, drank some juice, read through the ads that we got in the mail, and didn’t fight me when it came to bath time and bedtime. He made sure that I gave Pooh lots of kisses before I turned the light off, and so far, an hour later, all is quiet in his room.

And the long short of it all is that I’m thankful that God gives us moments of grace and relief when we’re at our wits end. As bad as our morning was, our evening was great. I usually dread Tuesdays when Mark is gone from 8am until after 10pm, but this afternoon/evening was just a good time of mommy and son. I enjoyed the Bub, and we enjoyed our time together. And it helps to give me perspective as I’ve felt really overwhelmed lately. Really anxious about how I’m going to work and care for a toddler and a newborn. Yet a song that keeps coming back to me is “I’ve got victory all the time with my mind stayed on Jesus . . . ” I woke up with that song in my head this morning as it helps me to remember that I don’t need to think about tomorrow. He’s got tomorrow. I’ve just got to stay focused on Him and get through this part of my day. And as I kissed Pooh and said goodnight to my sweet boy, I also realized that I will look back on this time with him and really miss the boy that he is now. So sickness, bad moods, clinginess, etc. will all fade, I just have to make the most of right now with him.

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