owe taxes this year – check
wireless modem crashes and has to be replaced – check
cell phone going out – check
hospital bills due – check
baby coming in 9.5 weeks (along with more hospital bills) – check (and check)
need to find daycare or some other solution – check
Ryder causing havoc at work – check
feeling exhausted, have badly colored, frizzy hair, huge green and blue stretch marks, and no clothes are fitting right now – check, check, check, check
in the mood for a good laugh and playing outside – check
thankful for my husband and his help with getting me off the couch every night after I’ve crashed – check
God is good all the time – check
He carries my burdens – check
He knows that we need answers – check
He’s already provided – check, check, and more checks.

Rejoicing in our God today, because He is bigger than any problem that I can list. And I have peace, I’ve surrendered, and I’m staying surrendered. I’ve taken heart, and we have overcome.

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