So the cleaning job saga continues . . . we received a letter yesterday from one of our cleaning clients. They decided to lease out their offices, and the new tenant already has a cleaning service. So we’re no longer needed as of February 1. Thank the Lord that this client was the smallest paying client or we would have been vacating our house as of . . . very soon. And I’ve been praying that we could be free of these cleaning jobs, so maybe this an answer to prayer? All I keep thinking is that God will provide the missing income. God will provide. God will provide. Don’t worry. We will still eat as God will provide. So I’m dwelling in that. And hopefully, I’ll have a part two to this that details just how perfectly God provides. 🙂

I need to add a bit more to this . . . we received our bills for my recent mammogram/ultrasound this week. I won’t say how much they were, but we could have had a second baby . . . And we already pay $600 a month for health insurance. Again, thank the Lord that we have an HSA account for medical emergencies, but I’m realizing that I need to guard my heart as it irks me so much that we work jobs + cleaning jobs in order to pay our bills, have health insurance, and barely get by. While others live on welfare from our taxes (Mark and I write checks to the IRS every year). It’s been this growing root of bitterness in me, which I’m confessing now as I’m digging up the root and throwing it out. So I repent for bitterness. I will continue to pay my taxes and work our jobs. AND I will shout for joy as God is our Provider!! No one else is, but He, Yahweh, meets our needs. And I really and truly thank Him for that.

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