Yesterday was a whopper of a day. And to spare you all the details, I’ll just put in the most frustrating part and what I learned from it. Our insurance company (like most) raised its prices quite a bit for 2011, and they no longer cover as much as they used to. Not only that, but for some reason, they’re not wanting to pay for lab work and items that were done from October to December of 2010. So I get a weekly bill from our hospital saying that I owe this amount, even though under our 2010 policy, these amounts are to be fully covered. I call the insurance company and get amazingly different answers from every customer service rep. The lady that I spoke to yesterday was beyond something though. She never looked at my claim, but instead, decided to educate me on how insurance companies worked. When I told her that what they were doing was not correct, her response was “how do you think we’re (the insurance company) to make any money?” That answer put me over the edge! Yet instead of responding, I simply said “could I please speak to someone else?” She then left me on hold for ages . . . and after speaking to another rep and then our hospital, the situation is still not resolved. But at least I spoke to two men who were helpful and instructed me to be “proactive” in being the mediator and getting both sides to take care of the issue. (Why it’s my job to sort it out, I’m still not clear on that.) By the time I got off the phone, my stress level was almost out the roof. So I put Rydey down for his nap, prayed that he would sleep for just half an hour so that I could get my heart right, my mind in a good place, and just give it all over to the Lord.

And after I had about 15 minutes of peace and quiet, I finally felt the Lord say “why didn’t you pray and ask Me to sort this all out BEFORE you got on the phone to handle it?” Why indeed? Lately, God has been clearly and loudly saying that I need to let Him handle things. Let Him do it. Keep my peace, keep my focus, and consult Him before I speak or act. He is my Help, but I need to let Him help. I need to stop being the mother bear who quickly (and mostly without thinking) reacts in defense of her family and let our Big Papa handle it. And yesterday was a hard lesson of that. Yet it was a lesson that I won’t forget either.

LOADS more to say . . . coming soon (soon as in maybe by next week!). 🙂

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