As 2012 quickly approaches, I’ve been thinking about what I want to accomplish next year. I’ve also been thinking a lot about the Lord’s return and if I’m ready. Truthfully, I don’t feel that I am ready. I feel like I waste a lot of time, still have a lot to accomplish, and still have not done many of the things I was created to do. So I want that to change. And I’ve been thinking about how to go about that.

First thing that comes to mind is that I need more time. I need time to seek the Lord, time to explore some new avenues, time to get some things organized and put together, and time for listening. So I’ve decided to fast from the social/fun sites that I typically visit on the internet – facebook, pinterest, drudge report (not really fun but feeds my newsy side). I waste too much time between those three, so I’d like to take 31 days away. The Lord will have to help me to seriously accomplish it, especially during the week that Mark spends in Costa Rica. But I think it’ll be worthwhile.

Second thing is that I use this blog to sort through thoughts, emotions, ideas, etc. And my sister is always urging me to blog in a different format; one reason being that I could categorize all of my thoughts, which would be helpful to me especially. So I’m hoping to get that accomplished during the first part of the new year as well.

And lastly, Mark is sending his children’s book off to more publishers with hopes of either getting his story and/or his illustrations sold. I admire my husband’s perseverance and sense of purpose. He works harder than anyone I know, works with purpose, and for the most part, keeps from distractions. I’d like to be more like that . . . 🙂 Maybe 2012 will be my year to do that.

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  1. That's absolutely wonderful about Mark sending his book off! I'm genuinely happy for you guys to hear that bit of news. Congrats and blessings to your family!

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