[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] T [/dropcap]his past weekend, we hit downtown Boulder on Saturday morning to find “treasures” (i.e. the homeless or those traveling through) and give to them bags of travel items, socks, toothbrushes, or whatever else they need. The past two summers, we did this either every weekend or every other weekend, but this summer, due to lack of participation, we’ve only done this once. So we were a bit rusty going in. My little team was made up of my little family, with Ryder being our most enthusiastic member as he was anxious to “feed the homeless”. And I will tell you that as much of a heart as I have for helping people it takes me a while to get comfortable in the first step of initiating conversation. I’ve never been comfortable in initiating conversations with strangers, and I’m much better than I was when I was younger. Yet it still takes some practice when we’re out to minister to others. And I will say too that after much experience, we’ve found that we never know what to expect when we walk up to a man or woman who appears to be without a home and start a conversation. Every person is different; each one has a far different reason of why they are without a home. And they’re all hurting and broken. So I could feel anxiety in me as we started out, and thankfully, my husband so kindly and naturally is able to start a conversation with anyone, and our kids proved to be great little icebreakers.  We found this past Saturday to be so good as the ones we met  and gave to were so open. We were able to pray with two groups of people, and all of us were blessed at the end. By the end of our time, I found my heart happy as it was just so nice to get out and fellowship with those in our community!! So nice. I wish we had done it more this summer; even if it was just our little family.

So as I was thinking about our weekend, it lead me back to the number one thing that I’ve learned over the past year – God’s heart is love. His heart for us is to be vessels of His love. A few years back, I got really convicted about not being a giver. Yes, I tithed every week, gave offerings, supported missionaries with our money, etc. But I did not easily give what was in my hand. My husband is such a giver, so he never says “Mic, we don’t have the money to give away.” He just gives and doesn’t worry about the outcome. So I’ve made it my goal to give what’s in my wallet to whoever is begging on the street, to give any food I might have, to give diapers when we hear of new parents in need, to cook meals for new moms, to give baby clothes whenever I can, and to always donate our stuff. Then anytime that I feel the Holy Spirit urge me to give anything else, I do my best to quickly obey. It’s not always easy. It’s not easy to give away diapers when we’ve had two in diapers. It’s not easy to cook meals when our grocery budget is extremely tight and I work every morning. It’s not easy (in the flesh) to give up a Saturday morning when my husband only has one day off a week. Giving is a sacrifice, but that’s what makes it worthwhile. Obedience is always worthwhile. And we’ve never gone without.

So for anyone who does read this, I just want to encourage you to give more. Just give whatever you have and always be open to God’s leading to give. You will never regret it. Life flows through us as God gives to us and we give to others. It makes His heart happy, and as I teach my boys, we always want to make God’s heart happy. That’s why we’re here. 😉

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  1. I will say that I view giving much differently than I used to. It does beyond the ten percent. It reaches to everything I have. It has more to do with my heart being willing. It deals with discernment, and the leading of the Spirit as well. It is a laying down of what I have and loving others. And I say you are a giver…I think of you every time I put on the clothes on Elliot that you so generously sent to us. 😉

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