I always feel that when God answers prayer we need to give a report of His goodness. I don’t know if others feel that way, but it’s become a conviction of mine. So I need to share of His goodness over the past month.

From Thanksgiving on, I started having bad pain in my chest. And I’m not a pain wimp – I have nurses and doctors who will attest to that. 🙂 This pain was bad enough to keep me up at night and to make me consider taking Advil in order to cope. So I started praying, thanking the Lord for His healing, and just chose to not worry or dwell on it. I also dove into “Christ the Healer” in order to keep my mind stayed on Him. A few weeks after that my folks prayed for me as well, and the pain got much better. Fast forward to the day before Christmas Eve, and I decided to do a quick self breast exam while in the shower. Well, I immediately felt a lump in the left side as well as a lot of swolleness. I thought okay, I’m just going to bite the bullet and make a doctor appointment. I got out of the shower, talked to Mark, who told me to call the doctor, and then called the doctor who I’ve seen before. Of course, she was already on vacation, but they happened to have one slot open at the practice that day. So I took it. The doctor was an odd bird, to say the least. We talked about the history of cancer on my mom’s side, we talked about hormonal changes that can happen during the year following pregnancy and childbirth, and we talked about other possibilities as well. But in the end, she definitely recommended a mammogram and ultrasound. And she told me to not let it ruin Christmas. 🙂

I did not let it ruin my Christmas one bit. I already knew that no matter what I was going to be okay. God is big enough to handle all things and if the mammogram came back negative, then we would deal with it. So I set my heart and mind to dwell in peace. And 95% of the time, I was in peace. I had a few sleepless nights where I had to use scripture to fight off fear, but I just determined that I am going to raise my children and the best thing I could do was be present with them and not living in the land of “what if”? (The thing that tried to worry me more was how were we going to pay for the tests as our insurance is a high deductible plan. Yet God even worked that out.)

So fast forward to yesterday when I went in for the two tests . . . My mom has had many, many mammograms, and she and other ladies have said that it’s quite painful. If you look it up on the internet, it says the same. The whole process sounds painful. So by the time I arrived for the appointment, I was more nervous about it hurting than anything. I must have looked nervous as well, because after I changed into my “cape” and was sitting in the waiting room, the lady next to me looks over and says, “really, mammograms are no big deal. Biopsies are another thing.” I just smiled at her. 🙂 The nurse then came and got me and worked me through the process. She asked me to locate the lump, and when I did, I could barely find it and I wasn’t swollen at all. I told her that, and she was like okay, that’s good. She said they would still use these tests for a reference point for when I’m older and have to go for a yearly mammogram. She then joked and worked me through the mammogram in her sweet way. And it was a piece of cake!! Didn’t hurt at all! The hardest part was just holding my breath for 45 seconds. 🙂 They then moved me over to the ultrasound, and we did locate the lump at that point. However, after the doctor looked at it and pinpointed the cause and reason for it, all was good. No cancer or cysts in this body. Thank the Lord!!

My grandmother and great-grandmother both died of breast cancer, and we’ve been thanking God that my mom, my aunt, my sister, and I will not be affected. 🙂 More than that though, for me – a has been worrier – to go through all of that and keep my peace is a huge testimony in itself. It boosted my confidence in God, showed me that I can keep my mind stayed on Him, and was just a great encourager that it’s so nice to just stay peaceful!!

I thank God that He is my Help. Jesus is our Healer, and He’s the Prince of Peace. He gives peace that passes all understanding. Peace that even allows us to enjoy Christmas anyway regardless of what’s going on . . . 🙂

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  1. That's awesome news, my friend! I've been praying for you & thinking of you a lot so I am right there beside you rejoicing in the good report! Thank you for sharing this wonderful testimony! Awesome!!

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