I’ve been looking forward to starting a new year. I’ve felt the excitement of newness stirring within me. Yet I know that if I’m not purposeful then this year will just be like any old year, and that’s not what I want. I want this year, my 33rd, to be the best yet. I want it to be the year that I get my passion, my giftings, my calling back. I don’t want to just be a wife, working mom, cook, family cleaner, self-employed cleaner, etc. I want to be someone with purpose and passion. And for me, the purpose and passion comes from Him, yet reaches out to those around me. The last few years have been very challenging years, and God has been so faithful to bring us through those years. He’s been faithful to stretch us, to teach us, and to grow us up. But now, I feel like it’s time to start pouring out again. No longer time to be adjusting to life as a mommy, or life as a working mom. (Ironic as it is that I’ll soon be adjusting to life as a mother of two.) But it’s time to return to the things that burn within me, the things that make up who I am, the things about me that my husband got to know when we were dating. It’s time to return to some of that Micah. And I’m excited. I’m excited to see what this year holds. I’m excited to seek Him, to allow Him to lead me, and to hear His voice. I want His heart to beat through mine, and I’m expecting that this year.

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