So my wonderful husband gave me a really hard time about my last post. To defend myself I told him that I’m a female, and I’m allowed to have girly posts. Plus, it’s my blog. He then made a case about how this blog is about the “beauty of progress” and the last post had nothing to do with progress. So there we go . . .

Over the past two months, I’ve had very litttle time to read, let alone write. And I’m actually happiest when I’m reading, chewing on things, and spitting them back out through the form of writing. So I promise that I will get back to that!

We are due to close on our house next Friday – praise the Lord!! It’s such a huge answer to prayer, blessing, gift, you name it. We are so excited to get our own place! Our families have been super gracious in allowing us to live with them since last April, and we really appreciate them. Yet we’re really thrilled to be getting our own place too!!

That’s it for now . . . more on the beauty of progress to come.

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