As if my life isn’t busy enough, I’m back to teaching at CTW for the next month. And I’m really enjoying it. 🙂 We’re reading a book on the balanced view of finances, tithing, giving, etc. It’s been a great class, and I feel like I’m finally comfortable in teaching others. My sister says that I still say “um” quite a bit . . . but what can I do?

So last night as I was teaching, I felt like the Lord was downloading a lot of answers to questions that I’d been asking. As my mouth was talking, my brain was seeing a lot of things that I’ve needed to see. And it’s funny how that happens, because these are things that I’ve been needing to see for quite some time. It reminded me of Ryder as we’ve been struggling a bit to get him to eat lately. We’ve gone from him crying exactly every three hours due to hunger to now never crying or saying that he’s hungry. So I’m trying to work out when he’s hungry and what he needs. But funnily enough, once he sees his food, he starts crying as he realizes that he was hungry. And that’s a great picture of me spiritually. Once I open up the Word and start digging in, I realize I’ve been hungry. I kick myself for not eating more often as it would have saved me from a lot of confusion and questioning.

Last night also reminded me (again) of why we have to pour out. It’s crucial to our growth as Christians that we have an outlet for what God has put in us. I always picture a chubby couch potato when I’m in a phase of not pouring out. Like I’m just getting fatter and fatter, because I’ve got no outlet for what I’m taking in. And as busy as life is, I’m really grateful to have this chance to teach others, because it’s inspiring them (hopefully) and me. I’m happier when I’m growing, and I’m waiting patiently, in expectancy, to see what God’s got for us next. It’s a good phase of life right now. 🙂

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