I’ve been trying to write a post on what I’m learning right now, yet it isn’t coming. Maybe in a few days it will . . . so for now, I just wanted to write on what I’m really thankful for today.

I feel like I’ve been a hermit lately. Hermit isn’t the right word really as I do get out, but I just don’t do much socially. My week consists of working, caring for kids, cooking, laundry, cleaning, grocery store, bank, and cleaning jobs. Usually it consists of church as well, but due to sick kids, I feel like I’ve been to church once this month. I’ve missed more church since Ezra was born than I have in my entire life. It’s very odd for me. And ironically, I have to work in the nursery on Christmas Day. Again, no social life.

Thankfully though, I have a few wonderful ladies who do check in and make sure that I’m still breathing, still sane, and doing okay. ๐Ÿ™‚ One of which has been a great friend since we were in Jr. High school (Yes, jr. high -I didn’t go to middle school.) I think we met in the third grade, but we hit it off after having lockers next to each other in 8th grade. She and I were on the yearbook staff together, and I remember one morning during our Junior year when we were out at 7am or something ridiculous to sell yearbook ads and we were sitting in my Datsun wagon freezing and arguing about who I was dating and how much time it was taking from our friendship (that’s one long run on sentence). I think that was one of the only arguments we ever had . . . and she was right. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also remember days during our Senior year when she’d show up at my house before school and come into my room at 6:30am to wake me up. She’d then question why my bra was lying on the floor by the bed. Me, being the non-morning person that I am, would reply from under the covers with a well, I didn’t expect to have early morning visitors! She then would chat with me in the bathroom while I got ready. So, we have a lifelong friendship, and when she reads this, I think she’ll agree on that. And even though we haven’t lived in the same town since we were in high school, we’ve still managed to keep up with each other. Over the past few years, we’ve even been able to see each other a few times a year, which has been great. Especially considering the fact that we’ve both been through a lot this year and have both needed a solid friendship.

And I’m writing all this to say that I thank the Lord for true friends who can hear you share your heart, share your struggles, share your triumphs, etc. and respond with truth in a loving way. There’s no condemnation, no pride, no judgment, no criticism. Just honesty, and even if we don’t agree on absolutely everything, our thoughts and opinions are still heard and respected. I’ve been gifted with two friendships like this that have really, really ministered to me this year, and I’m so thankful. I feel very undeserving as I’ve been an isolated, busy, mind on my own life kind of friend, who hasn’t really deserved good friendships in return. Yet God has blessed me with them anyway. God has also put other special friendships (many from the past) in my life as well this year. People that I knew at one point in time and then have been reacquainted with on facebook, and again, it’s been so nice to chat, e-mail, and visit again. So nice.

So while I feel like a holiday hermit, I’m still thankful for friendship. Thankful to get e-mails that share victories and joys and e-mails, texts, and phone calls that ask “how are you today?” I’m just thankful really and wanted to share. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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