[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] O[/dropcap]y, it’s been a long week. Not much to write about, because I haven’t had the time or much to say. Our disastrous weekend turned into quite the week. And with all that’s happening in our country right now, our week wasn’t really comparable. But I’ll stay off that topic . . .

My firstborn is still going through some major behaviour issues. I’m reading “Loving Our Kids on Purpose” right now, but I feel like it’s to one extreme when I’m looking for balance. So I’m going to finish it and take out the good parts, and then move on to the next parenting book . . . not sure which one that will be yet. But I have a list of a few that I want to order and work my way through. If you have suggestions, let me know! So far, Dr. Dobson’s books have helped the most with R. Yet I think he’s starting to realize that the world does not revolve around him, baby is coming, and Mom and Dad have had lots going on lately. Our busy schedule has become outrageously busy, and it’s hard on him as he’s Mr. Routine. So at some point soon, he will be going on either a Mommy or Daddy date to do something that he’ll love, with full attention, and no pesky brother trying to do it as well. Just need the time to make that happen . . . time is just not our friend right now.

Speaking of time, I was very much looking forward to this weekend as we have a special speaker coming to the church on Saturday night and Sunday; I’m desperately needing time to just sit and soak in the Word, soak in some encouragement, and enjoy being challenged in my spiritual life. Yet lo and behold, on Saturday, we have to drive two hours to maybe buy a car instead. I’m trying to be okay about it, but it’s been a big bummer. We’re desperate for a car now as Mark’s car is not starting regularly now, and as we’ve learned from this week, sharing a car and trying to meet our two schedules is not working. So I guess that finding a car has to become priority; I’m still bummed to miss the Saturday night service though. I feel like we need refreshing, refocusing, renewal, etc. as life is just feeling way out of control.

Yet on the bright side of things, for those of you who are not on Facebook, I will do one quick baby update. We had another ultrasound yesterday morning. We were quite surprised to learn that EB had doubled her weight in one month! She’s a big one now! Her head is still large (and probably always will be), and her legs are still her smallest part. But she is in proportion; nothing is out of balance. The doctor needed to see significant growth and continued growth in her legs, and both things are happening. I’ve never had an ultrasound so late in the pregnancy, so it was really fun for Mark and I to watch. We got to see a gall bladder, bladder, and different organs this time. She was sleeping with her hand up on her face, so the ultrasound tech was able to get a good photo of her face. She’s so pretty, and she’s filling out very nicely . . . so much so that the ultrasound showed another due date. So the end of the story is that she is just fine; no more tests are needed. Her due date is a big mystery, and we’ll just keep the end of July/beginning of August open. đŸ™‚ She probably won’t come at 4am on the due date, like her brothers, but that’s okay. She’s her own girl. So praise the Lord for such good news.

Praise the Lord too for another friend who gave us more baby clothes! The nursery is quickly filling up with clothing, and it’s so nice to not need anything but diapers and a few small items for this baby. It’s been such a blessing. Mark looked through the clothes last night, and we found one outfit that we agreed will be her going home outfit. It’s red, pink, and totally girly. We’re so looking forward to it . . .

And to end the week, I puked my guts out last night for no apparent reason. Nice, huh? I’m clearly ready for May and to put April behind us.

I really hope/pray that our car situation is resolved as I’ve realized that the combo of pregnancy/big decisions/stress just isn’t for me. I need to just soak in a big tub, listen to some nice music, read a good book, and get some good prayer time. Then I’ll be ready to face the daily routine of muddy floors, loud little boys, lots of dishes to wash, unending laundry, the rushing to work and jobs and school and baby sitters, and just life.

I am so grateful for life, even with all the parts that I don’t like. I’m grateful that all 5 of us are alive and healthy. I’m so thankful for a God that we can pray to, lean on, trust in, and pour our hearts out to. I’m so thankful for the little people He’s given us. I look at my second child and try to memorize every part of him as he is now, because I know I’ll miss this toddler some day. I look at my big boy, who is getting so tall and thin and independent, and I miss his little days and he’s sweet toddler face. Yet I love the conversations that I get to have with him, and I love how much he’s learning and how creative he is. He has such a sharp mind and sweet heart. And I sit with my hand on my belly and enjoy all the moments when my girl is awake and doing her exercises. I won’t miss being pregnant, but I will miss being this close to her. Life goes by too quickly. I’m thankful for the quickness during the hard weeks, but then want it to slow down during the good weeks. So I’ve got to take both together . . . that is life.

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