I’ve been wanting and needing to blog and have had absolutely no time to do it. Not to mention that both Edie and I have been sick and our schedule has hit the ultimate level of busyness. I have all of 20 minutes to write now, so let’s see what we can do with it.

Mark’s parents come this week, and we are so, so looking forward to seeing them. It’s very odd to see family only once every two years. Really odd when you talk about family to your kids, but they can’t remember them. So Ryder has memories of Grandad and Nana, and he’s excited to see them. But Ezra really doesn’t have a clue, and Edie has yet to meet them. So we are EXCITED. To say the least.

We’re also right in the middle of remodeling our kitchen. Nice timing on that one. But Mark’s parents have remodeled their whole house with the help of one of Mark’s sisters. So we think they’ll actually have some ideas and won’t mind going to shops to look at counter tops. We’re also praying about the timing of when to sell our house and what else needs to be done to it prior to putting it up for sell. It’s a tad overwhelming . . . this is certainly one area where I’m having to really not think but just trust it to God. We have debts that relate to the house that definitely need to be paid off, so we need to sell for the right price.

And last, but certainly not least, we’re in full Scotland mode. The Scottish people vote this week to decide on whether to remain as part of Great Britain or to break off and be an independent nation. This vote is very, very important for Scotland’s future, and it will greatly affect our visa process. So we’ve been praying and waiting to see what will happen. Only God knows at this point.

We are also in the midst of getting dual passports for our kids. Ryder’s US passport had to be renewed, so when we applied for Edie’s, we also renewed his. Once we get those back, we will send them with Ezra’s to the British Embassy and apply for British passports. This is not a cheap or fast process, so lots of prayer is going into it. It’s definitely cheaper/easier than getting visas for all the kids. So we’re trusting for great favor in this situation. The whole visa/immigration process is very stressful for me. I think that’s partly why my health seems to be suffering as I’ve allowed stress to creep in rather than just trusting this to the Lord. So each day, I remind myself multiple times to set my eyes on Him, set my heart on Him, and tell my head to shut up. God’s got it.

And I really have to say that through all of this, I’ve been very intentional on making the most of this time. We’re loving the schools that the boys are in this year, yet we’re planning to homeschool them in Scotland. So I want to make the most of their school year right now. We’re really liking the remodeling that we’re doing to our house, so we’re trying to enjoy it to the fullest. We’re also very aware of the time that we have with family and friends here, so that is also priority. We could easily get caught up in our giant to do list, but I’m just trying to take it day by day and make the most of life here and now. Planning for the future, but enjoying the present.

But I do have to be honest and say that my emotions are a bit all over, and being sick has certainly not helped. I’m slowing getting rid of all the baby clothes in the house, baby stuff, and pretty much everything that we don’t/won’t use. I’m also packing up winter clothes for the kids to wear in Scotland next year as Mark’s parents will be taking them back to England with them. It’s been so hard to think ahead and figure out what they’ll need, what sizes they’ll be in, and what they won’t need here. Mark keeps reminding me that I’ve done this big move twice before, so it’s easier this time. But really, it’s never easier. My dentist always reminds me that moving is in one of the top 5 most stressful events in life, and don’t I know that well. Whenever I’m in the car, I look at where we live, where I grew up, and I think wow, I’m leaving again (and maybe for good). I will miss Colorado. This move feels very final; I have no idea if it will be or not. But my emotions are definitely feeling it.

Yet through everything, God keeps teaching us and showing us His heart. Both Mark and I are committed to giving it all for the sake of His Kingdom. We know the harvest is white and ready in Scotland. We’re committed to being laborers. We know it won’t be easy; we know transition is hard. Yet we’re ready. Our hands are to the plow and we’re not looking back. And truthfully, I’ll probably cry through everything as we start out. I’ll probably become a much softer, emotional person through all of this, and I count that as a good thing. I want my heart to be God’s first and foremost, and I know that He desires more mercy, more compassion, and more love to flow through me. I also know this time is part of that. Surrender, giving it all up, choosing His path for us, and just letting Him work me through the emotions of it is a big part of the preparation. It’s just all about keeping Him in the forefront; looking to our Guide, our Provider, our Wisdom, and our Help. So onward ho . . . and that’s really all I have time for today. Thanks for reading!

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