There are times in life where something has to happen in order for change to happen. In other words, something has to occur, because the current way of life is about to explode or implode (however you look at it) on itself. The pressure is so great and the momentum is so fast that we either hit something or blow up. That’s where we’re at. Something big has to, needs to, will happen, and it will either be a giant change or a big, ugly mess. We’ll find out. I’m personally hoping for good change.

This past week has been one wild thing after another. Like it’s not even surprising anymore. But I think that kind of plays to our favor really. When you’re in war, and you see what the enemy is throwing at you, you’re much more capable of responding correctly. We’re not fighting blind or being ambushed, which is good. 🙂

Mark was supposed to go to a work meeting this morning, but because we’ve worked out a childcare deal, he was able to skip the meeting so that I could go to work without the boys. I needed to be available to answer phones and get a lot of work done, which is hard with a two year old and a 5 month old. So we were glad that he was able to skip the meeting, and my day was progressing just fine. Mark called at about 11am to check in, which is normal. But he kept delaying the conversation, so I was finally like “why did you call?” 🙂 (That’s what happens when you’re married to a blunt, practical individual.) He goes “just to see how you’re doing.” I said, “oh that’s nice.” 🙂 But he kept delaying . . . “so did you have anything else?” And he goes, “I just wanted to check and see how you are.” I responded with “fine and actually feeling a bit peppy.” He then replied with “so is peppy a good time to break some bad news?”

What do you say to that?

So. Life is life. Change needs to happen for us. And at this point, I don’t care how it happens or what happens. It just needs to happen. However, I am hoping for the best. I’m going to keep hoping as well. And God either keeps us afloat or He keeps us afloat. That’s the only option really. So we’re floating on a raft of grace, faith, and hope. And my fighting technique is that I’m staying on my boat. I’m not getting frazzled, stressed, worried, or in fear. I’m just going to keep floating.

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