It’s funny how we change as we age. At 32 years of age, I’m much calmer, more peaceful, and generally happier than I was at 22. Honestly, I would never go back to my 20s. Not that it’s an option, but the ages from 20 to about 26 were probably some of the worst of my life. Things started going uphill at around 26 or 27. And now at 32, I’m quite content to see that God has brought me a LONG way, and I still have a LONG way to go. But we’re getting there. And the biggest thing I’ve learned this year is how to just trust God and be in faith. I’ve shared a lot on all that already so I won’t go into it. But I’m excited to see how much more I can and will learn on this topic. So I’m just going to add an update on a few things –

1.) We are standing, standing, standing in faith for a new, great job for Mark. We’re believing for a steady income, great health insurance, and good hours. This business of him working Saturdays and late evenings has been for the birds. So we’re trusting for a 9 to 5, Monday to Friday job. We’re also believing that at some point in the next year we’ll be able to retire from cleaning jobs. That would be a mega praise report in itself.

2.) I’ve been amazed at how God has provided for us over the past 2 years. Just last week, I was telling my mom that Ryder had no long sleeved shirts for winter. She then brought over clothes that she had bought at garage sales over the summer. Then I get a text from a friend asking if we could use some 18-24 month clothes for Ryde. Hello, yes, please!! So I’ve spent 2 days sorting through clothes up to size 3T and getting them all washed and put away. Such a blessing!! God’s timing is always good, and every time we’ve needed clothes for Ryder, they’ve been provided. I’m totally grateful.

3a.) I met one of the new mid-wives yesterday, and I liked her very much. Again, we talked about everything involving my desire to have a natural, vaginal delivery, and I’m really thankful for these mid-wives. I don’t want to leave them, so I’m believing that whenever Mark does get a new job we’ll still be able to stay with the mid-wives.

3b.) Over the past 2 weeks, I’ve had to do a lot of different lab tests as the complications from my last month of pregnancy with Ryder have put up red flags. I feel peace in my heart that there will be none of those complications with this baby, and the mid-wife said the same yesterday. She was very assuring in that this pregnancy, labor, delivery, and even breast-feeding will be totally different with the second baby. That’s everything I’ve been believing. So even though we’re doing all these tests, I’m confident that all is well. It was so nice to hear the baby’s quiet, little heartbeat yesterday. It makes everything seem so much more real.

5.) God has blessed me in that I’ve been able to hang out with 2 friends once a week. It’s been so good to just hang out with 2 girls that I love being with. Friendships are truly good for the soul, and laughter is always good medicine.

6.) It’s been a whirlwind week as we’ve had a ton to do before our trip to New York. Yesterday, we received two notices from the City of Longmont. One said that we had to remove the graffiti (very large, bright blue graffiti) from the back of our fence, and the other said that all weeds, brush, garbage, etc. had to be removed as well. We’ve had a huge weed problem, so fair enough on the weeds. But garbage? So I went back to look and sure enough someone had thrown boxes, clothes, etc. behind our house. So as I drug our garbage bin back to the alley and cleaned up the trash, I had to fight irritation as we have no time to paint our fence nor remove weeds. The City gave us 10 days to get it all done, but we leave in 2 days. So I also had to fight panic as I didn’t know when or how we’re going to do it. Then it hit me that I could either have a bad attitude, or we can just get it done. If anything, we just lose sleep this week. Not the end of the world. The cost of the paint will just be taken out of our spending money, and there’s no use for crying over spilled milk. So we have quite the project to accomplish in two days. 🙂 Sometimes, I really don’t love homeownership.

Overall though, God is good. He’s a wonderful Provider, and even though walking in faith is not easy on my flesh, I’m far happier being in faith than being out of faith. It definitely beats being in fear, and it’s nice to finally get that revelation. Sorry if some of this is a bit repetive from older posts; it’s just where I’m at.

Lastly, New York, New York here we come!!

2 thoughts on “faith

  1. As you know because we've talked about this before but your first paragraph has been my experience too. Loved your 2nd sentence! Well put.

    Your friendship is a God-send to me at this time in my life. I went from 0 social life to our once a week get togethers and they've been absolutely wonderful and refreshing … lots of good chats and laughter, sharing and encouragement. Just what I need! I am very thankful for the time we've had together.

    Yes, God is good! You may think me silly but I was driving home last night belting out "God is so good" (in Shona) and listing all that He's done! I am thankful for what God has done and will continue to do in your beautiful family. I'm glad I get to see His faithfulness and provision in your life. By the way, I forgot George Muller last night so please can I get that from you next time we see eachother?

    I love you guys so much! Have so much fun in New York dear friend. Lots and lots of love xoxo

  2. Micah,

    I am so late reading this, but thank you for sharing your heart. I will be praying for all of those things as well. I really would like to see you again and I am sorry I dropped the ball myself this last time. Maybe when I get you the jacket. Also, I have a pair of black maternity leggings too that you can have (if I can find them again).

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