Talk about a wild week! We started with my dad’s book release party on Sunday after church, which was great fun. That was followed by a very surprising gift to me from a friend. I’m still marveling at it as it’s one of those wild blessings. πŸ™‚ Then Monday was a normal work and take care of the boys days while Mark works and goes to Bible school. Tuesday was get up mega early for preschool, work, do errands, followed by crashing into bed when Mark finally got home in time to put the boys to bed. Wednesday was the doctor appointment. Thursday was just a crash from tiredness in general day, stay awake long enough to say hi to Mark, then hit the hay all to start it over on Friday. Tonight we clean, get home in time for Mark to jump into bed, then he’s off by 3am to make his 6am flight. Sheesh louise. VACATION. DESPERATELY. NEEDED. AS. WELL. AS. TIME. WITH. HUSBAND.

I am so praying, trusting, believing that we can be free of these cleaning jobs by this summer. We need a financial miracle to do that, but my God is able and willing. AND I’ve asked and am expecting it. We need family time, we need rest, and we need time to work on our much neglected house. 2011 was the year of being in the pit, and I’m not doing that this year. In November, I was blessed to get a very special prayer time and words of encouragement from a lovely lady, and I’m going to see the fulfillment of what we spoke about and prayed for this year. Not only that, but Mark and I are going to walk in our giftings, our calling, and we’re going to pursue what God has for us. I am not attached to our 950 square foot house, so if we need to sell it and move into a rental so that we can be financially free, then so be it. If we need to seek God’s heart on where exactly we’re supposed to be, what exactly we’re supposed to be doing, then I’m already doing that. Or if we just need to continue in being good stewards, faithful in what we’re already doing, and just trusting for the right door to open, then we’re there too. Regardless, this will be a year of change. It has to be, and I’m expecting it. And I’ve had enough of just barely surviving, of being exhausted, and of working the grindstone. It’s good to be in a place of saying okay, enough is enough as it pushes you to dive into Him and to pursue more of Him. So . . . . amen and amen. πŸ™‚

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