I was going to add a P.S. to this post, but I actually want to add a thought before anyone reads below –

As I read back through what I wrote below, I realized that I under emphasized how much God did during my labor and delivery of Eden. He kept me from the operating room, from a very hard, intense labor, from a c section, and any added complications from how Eden came through the birth canal. Plus, He kept her throughout the entire pregnancy. So this is really testimony of how much He did for my girl and for me. When I say that He is good ….really, He is mind blowingly magnificent. Really and truly good.

It would seem like a fine time to update this blog before a.) I forget the past 8 days and B.) you all forget I have a blog …. So here is Miss Eden’s story:

Due to all of the due date confusion and due to both my previous labors starting on the boys’ due dates, we thought for sure that this baby would come between July 27th and August 2nd. The midwives even thought she would be early rather than late. We were obviously wrong as those dates came and went with a few contractions and a few signs that labor might be coming. So by the 2nd, I was feeling like this baby was not coming. The weekend went by with me planning to return to work on Monday, and all my attempts to walk, bounce, eat spicy foods, etc. seemed like a total waste of time. We decided to take one last walk that Sunday night and yet I felt beyond tired so we cut it short as I just wanted to go to bed. Yet I woke up at 3am realizing that I was in labor and it was already intense. So we waited till around 6 to call my family. Then around 8, I called the midwife and she told me to head in. We took our time getting ready and saying goodbye to the boys. Then took our time getting settled into the hospital. I think there was definite relief when we met with the midwife and she confirmed that Baby was progressing well.

So long story short, we were able to really communicate with the midwife and nurses what we wanted and didn’t want for this birth. Mark told them to just believe me when I say that I’m ready to push as I may not change facial expression or tone. They confirmed that they would take my word. They then hooked me up to the monitors and allowed me to walk. Again, this baby was so round that the monitor would not stay on. And with a VBAC, a monitor of the baby’s heartbeat is mandatory, yet when I would sit down or rest on the exercise ball, the contractions would stop. So we decided it was time to break my water and hope that would keep the contractions going. It was also time for me to try the bath, because the walking option really wasn’t going to be allowed.

Thankfully, the contractions did increase and I was allowed to stay in the bath, which was so nice because we turned on my worship music playlist, I asked Mark to help me breathe and focus on not fighting the contractions, and we just worked together to keep me peace filled and relaxed. By around 12:30, I knew it was time to get out and ready for pushing. I truthfully really dreaded this as my legs cramped so badly during my 4 hours of pushing with Ezra. I knew I could not do that again. I also had Mark ready to do lots of leg massages. Interestingly enough, we had a med student (a male) attending the birth. This was to be his first experience of watching someone other than is wife give birth, and he proved to be a tremendous help! He did everything from providing a counterweight for me to push against, helping with getting ice and water, and helping Mark to have extra help with the leg cramps. A potentially awkward situation turned into a really great help, and I had such a great team to assist in Baby’s arrival.

While I was in the midst of pushing, the nurse kept pointing out how rare it was for a baby to be so active during contractions. Well, turns out, Eden was in the midst of flipping from a great posterior position to being face up. After two hours of my pushing, she surprised everyone by showing her face, and she got a face full of fluid in the meantime. My babe was one unhappy camper, and I was one tired mama.

And we had hoped that would have been the end of the delivery story, but it was not. An hour went by, and the placenta had not delivered. The obstetrician had been called 30 minutes before, but was also delivering a baby. So we were down to the wire, and the midwife decided to call the anesthesiologist as we were going to have to head to the OR as my uterus had contracted around the placenta. Yet God is good, and as we talked to the anesthesiologist, the midwife continued to work and got the placenta to move. The obstetrician also rushed in at the same point. And by this time, everyone realized that I was done. I had gone through everything with no medication yet I knew what was coming with the removal of a placenta. They knew that I might have reached my limit, so pain meds were brought in and Eden was allowed to stay with me to provide good distraction. And a few hours later, we were greeted by my mom and dad and all was good.

So I barely made it to my goal of having a baby in 12 hours or less. I only pushed for 2 hours, which is half the pushing time with Ezra, and I accomplished my VBAC #2. But more than that, as with both previous births, God’s peace and grace so covered us. I never raised my voice or changed my tone, and I really felt like the Lord walked me through the contractions, relaxing into them, and then pushing with enough strength to get through the delivery. I really felt His help and peace, and I’m so glad that none of us knew how much the baby had turned and that my “intense” labor was really back labor. I don’t think I would have coped as well. And in the end, as a whole team of nurses were in the room and saying how the word had spread about how “strong” I was and how amazingly well I did, all I could think was that it was all God. It’s all Him. He got Baby and me through it, and it’s only by Him and through Him. I felt/feel amazingly thankful for His strength.

Eden did have to have her nose scoped to clear out all the fluid that covered her face. She snorted, cried, and really struggled to eat until we got her home. Breastfeeding did not happen as she couldn’t eat and breathe at the same time. For a while, the doctors thought she had quite the temper due to her crying, but when you have a swollen nose and can’t eat, I think a temper is allowed …

Lastly, our Eden is perfect. She has LONG arms and fingers; she was only 4 ounces smaller than her oldest brother was and just as long as he was. Her face is perfect, and 8 days later, she no longer snorts, is taking well to the bottle, and is a peaceful, content baby. How good and faithful is our God?!

I can’t seem to load a photo tonight, but just wanted to post this anyway ….Forgive any typo’s as I’m using my iPad and am too tired to figure it all out from this format. Thanks for reading.

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