I’ve always been very interested in nutrition and eating healthy. When I was a kid, my parents were very into eating healthy and naturally. My dad made bread, we ate carob in brownies or cookies, shopped at Alfalafa’s (way before Whole Foods ever existed), went to co-ops with my mom, and soda pop was a very rare, rare treat. And truthfully, we didn’t mind. When Mark and I married, we discussed how we wanted to eat, and we agreed that we wanted to keep it healthy. We did really well in Britain. Eating out is not common in England like it is here. So we never ate fast food, we only did an occasional take away, and I learned to make most things from scratch. Organic and locally grown foods are quite big in England as well (plus, they’re able to grow a lot more year around than Colorado is), so I learned quite a bit on both topics. Then we moved here, and I don’t know what happened . . . 🙂 I think I just got lazy or pregnant and tired.

So with the birth of our first son, we set out to eat healthy again. And we’ve done okay in some areas and not so okay in others. Ryder rarely gets junk, but over Christmas he did get to try a bit of ice cream and bit of cookies. He loves pumkin bread and banana bread, but those are really his only treats. However, with his 8 teeth and lack of ability to really munch, I’m finding it hard to give him a variety of things that he can handle. So again, I’ve gotten lazy . . .

We recently watched “Food Inc.,” which everyone should watch, and we’re getting ready to watch another documentary on food, which my dad says will make us want to give up eating all together. 😉 And really, these movies just re-inforce what I already know. They remind me to not be lazy in how I feed my family. I can budget our grocery money in a way that allows us to eat healthy meats and pesticide free veg. And they remind me to not feel bad about the choices that I’m making for my son. When he’s older, he can put as much garbage in his body as he wants, but for now, I’m actually giving him a very good start in eating well. So I need to continue. And now that he understands which foods he likes and what tastes he likes, I need to start teaching him about food. So I’m really looking forward to this summer and to gardening with Ryder. I’ve determined to make my own baby food with Bump, and I’m looking forward to that as well. I’m giving up this attitude that has said that it’s all a lot of hard work, and instead, I’m looking at it as a very worthwhile process that benefits my entire family. Plus, I love to learn, so it’s been fun to get back into reading about health and nutrition as it’s a topic that I enjoy.

And . . . . at the age of almost 33, I’ve decided that I have to start exercising. If I want to live long, I have to exercise. So seeing how that is monumental for me, I’m going to research and figure out what exercise I can do at home for free, and then when summer comes, Zoya and I are going walking. I walked tons when we lived in England, and I felt great. Being the high stress person that I am, walking is my best form of relaxation, so I’m looking forward to it. I’ve determined that this year is going to be my year in accomplishing all these goals that I’ve set to do but always wimp out on. There is no time like the present, and I’m not getting any younger. So it’s now or never. 🙂

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  1. I love reading your blog, I feel like it is reading the thoughts out of my mind. Thanks for sharing! BTW, I felt completely convicted about not exercising today when asked by a doctor what I was doing to take care of myself including exercise. So, my goal is to start doing more walking as well.

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