New Year’s Resolution –
a.) Dive deep into the Word of God.
I’m not a TV watcher, movie watcher, etc., but I am a book reader. And I’ve realized that if I divide my pleasure reading time in half and invest it into the Word and my spiritual growth, then I would be doing myself a big favor. I’ve been working on this through the month of December, but I’m resolving to do it every day through 2012.
b.) Focus on scripture study instead of random reading.
I’ve also decided to do specific Word studies, and I’m using two books to help – “Christ the Healer” by F.F. Bosworth and “Schizophrenic God” by my dad. Both are on similar topics of faith, and I want to heavily increase my faith this coming year. The book of Hebrews will be my main book of the Bible to dwell in.
c.) Living out my faith walk.
I went to the post office yesterday to (finally) ship our Christmas package to our UK family. And as always, the line was long, and as always, I attract talkers. The two talkers next to me got into a political debate as one was a conservative and one was a liberal. They kept trying to involve me, and I almost successfully stayed out of it. But the times I did speak taught me something – I need to be able to speak up, but speak out of love and with discernment. I don’t need to avoid those discussions as I’m able to hold my own. But I just want the right heart. And I want to converse out of love with everyone that I meet at the post office, Target, Vitamin Cottage, King Soopers, and Ryder’s preschool. I don’t get out into life much to converse and meet others, so I want to do that and make an impact.
d.) Exercise!!
As Mark hit 35 and as I soon will hit 34, along with recent dr. visits, I’m realizing that we take our health too much for granted. Yes, we eat healthy and we’re not couch potatoes, but we don’t take any time to exercise. Mark used to run marathons and I used to walk quite a bit. I want to get back into that and I want to take care of myself. So this may be the hardest challenge as I don’t know when or how I’ll get out of the house to do, but I definitely want this to be a priority.
e.) Grow in my giftings.
Again, I’m realizing that life is too short for me to not be and do what God’s put on my heart. So I’m really desiring for this to be my year in that I dive into my purpose and calling.
Hopefully, these won’t all be items that just get left on the shelf!! I’m trusting that in 6 months I’ll look back at this post and be quite happy with my progress. 🙂

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