I’ve never been great on decision making. My method is to consider the options, pray, pick, and then sink or swim. Mark likes to research, pray, then choose the best possible decision after much deliberation. And usually, he makes better decisions than I do . . . don’t tell him I said so.

So with February came the decision of which preschool to enroll Ryder into for the Fall. Seems mega-early to have to make such a decision. Seems ridiculous to have to pay the non-refundable registration fee as well. Yet here we are . . .

And I never like this time of year to the looming taxes that have to be done and paid for. So any other bill seems like a big inconvenience.

Saying all that to say that my new decision of not worrying is going pretty well. I’m just trusting that God is directing our path as we put every decision before Him. I’m trusting that we’ve made the right decision on school, that Ryder will be potty trained this year so that we don’t lose our registration money due to him not being potty trained, and that our taxes go really smoothly this year for the first time in our married lives. That would be quite a big blessing. 🙂

Lastly, shock of all shocks, I’m finding my attitude has made quite a turnaround lately. I’m accepting of where we’re at, I know that with lots of faith, hard work, and perseverance we won’t stay here forever, and God’s putting some new dreams on my heart that are over the horizon. I feel like I can clearly see today and I can see far enough to keep walking. If that makes sense . . . ? I’m no longer stalled out and stuck in a rut. And that is quite good.

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