[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] C [/dropcap]an I just say that I did not miss the internet while we were away? And I really did not miss my phone. AT ALL. Yet such is life and here we are again . . . on the internet.

The bittersweet thing about vacation is that you get a break from real life, yet you also have to return to real life. It’s not easy to come back home . . . especially when there are so many things about home that we’d like to change. Our trip was not really relaxing or stress free, but it was a nice break from the day to day busyness. The busy, busy, busy is what seems to be my biggest challenge about real life right now. And it’s what is keeping me from writing as much as I’d like to . . .

So I’ll just share this – the great thing about traveling is it gives you a chance to get out of your bubble. It’s so good to get out of what we think life is or should be. It’s so good to get a reality check. I think most Americans need a reality check, but that’s another story. It’s also good to compare the grass and find out that the grass may be greener on the other side, but the greeness is caused by lots of rain. And let me tell you that England gets a lot of rain. Rain followed us everywhere on our trip, and being the half British family that we are, we just got on with it anyway. I admire the British for dealing with the weather that they endure and for just getting on with life. I think it’s one of their culture’s best features, which leads me to share this –

One of my favorite moments from our travels was when we stopped at a beautiful spot in the Lake District, and it was cold, wet, and soggy out. Yet we were undaunted. So Ryder and I took off up a hill to see the sheep and quickly discovered that there was sheep poop everywhere. My son hates poop!! Then we saw the geese by the lake, so we did a u turn and headed down the hill. Due to the slippery slope, the sheep poop, and the mud, it was not the brightest idea to run downhill. Ryde’s foot slid out from under him and down he went landing flat on his back . . . twice. He was covered in mud and poop. Yet shockingly enough, he didn’t let it ruin his day. Chan and I took him to the bathroom, peeled off all his clothes, wiped off the mud/poop from his back, threw away the disgusting shoes, and carried him in his undies to the car. It was all of 50 degrees out, so I got him bundled up in his blanket. We then sat and waited while the others explored the lake. I was proud of my boy on that day as it would have ruined most other people’s day. It defintely would have ruined mine. Yet he kept his chin up and was a trooper. And it reminded me that out of all the characteristics that I think are most needed in life flexibility ranks high on the list. Keeping a good attitude, moving on and forward, and not letting obstacles and disappointments get in the way. I wish I had learned that at 3 years old or even 30 years old.

Ryder had many non-flexible moments on our trip, but he also had moments of just going with the flow. Those moments were always good. And that’s how I feel about life right now. If I can go with the flow, everything seems to be much better. But if I get tripped up on something, crisis moments seem to follow. I’m kind of ready to be done with the crisis moments. Ready to just take life as it is and to keep moving forward.

I do foresee a lot less internet and phone time though . . .

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